Eva Marie Soon To Leave WWE?

Speculation is starting to run wild over Eva Marie and her status with WWE.

Based on reports, Eva has changed a few things on her twitter account which points to a potential departure from the company. Eva never really incorporated the WWE name in her Twitter handle unlike other WWE talents, but had it in her bio. Eva has since changed her bio removing the WWE reference and has linked all other social media account. In addition Eva has un-followed WWE’s twitter account.

Eva has been off of WWE TV since August of 2016 despite following her 30-day suspension and has been criticized by the WWE Universe ever since her debut in 2013. Eva never really progressed much in the company beyond Total Divas.

Eva has been primarily doing more modelling shoots, and has kept busy filming two movies which are rumored to not be WWE Studio projects.

Eva could very well be beginning her departure from the company, OR; she just wanted to change things up. Please note nothing is official until WWE or Eva herself announces it. At this time Eva is still under WWE contract unless otherwise noted.

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