2017 Elimination Chamber Live Coverage

Hello folks! My name is Jack Wannan and I will be doing coverage for the 2017 Elimination Chamber PPV throughout the night! Make sure to come back periodically for updates and recaps on what goes on during the show! Also be sure to keep track of the team on social media tonight! Follow @MindofCarnage and @JackWannan on Twitter!

6:50PM: The kickoff show starts at 7PM EST and can be viewed for free. Here is the think to the kickoff show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL8pHOKNpV8

7:00PM: The kickoff show is live and starts with the analyst desk conversing. The desk consists of Renee Young, Booker T, Sam Roberts, and Carmella. Dasha is backstage at the Social Media Lounge and will interview Becky Lynch later. We get a look at the NEW Elimination Chamber. It looks more square, and larger. It has good square zones for jumping, above every chamber.

7:08PM: Here is what the new Chamber looks like:

7:27PM: While the kickoff show panel is underway, James Ellesworth walks into frame and says that he got him and Carmella skybox tickets. Carmella uses this as an excuse to leave the analyst desk, and takes off her microphone. Ellesworth is wearing his golden outfit that was picked out a few weeks ago. The kickoff match and the Becky Lynch interview are still to come.

7:34PM: It’s time for the Becky Lynch interview in the social media lounge with Dasha. First question is “Are you excited to disarm Mickie James?” in which Becky replied with “Yes”. “If you could tag team with anybody” was the next question, with Lynch replying “Shawn Michaels” because she could be the “Armbreak kid”. Third question was if she watched any old Mickie matches to prepare for the match. Lynch said yes and praised what James has done in the past. That wrapped up the interview.

7:41PM: Curt Hawkins vs Mojo Rawley


It’s time for our Kickoff match! The four commentators that we usually get for Smackdown Live are calling this match. This match is an odd pairing, but maybe a story could develop from this match. Let’s see. The only beef that these two have is some shots and Hawkins fired on Twitter recently. Still not sure what Hawkins’ character is. The match has a very slow pace right as it starts. 2 minutes into the match Mojo barely beats a 10 count, getting in the ring at 8. We go to a 1 minute commercial break. Slow back and forth action continues. Mojo mounts a comeback with a Stinger Splash and a stomach-first slam. Pin attempt after is kicked out. Hawkins responds with a Downward Spiral. Mojo kicks out of that move too. Mojo reverses a move that Hawkins was setting up for, and hits a running punch and slam to get the win at 8 minutes and 3 seconds.

This wraps up the pre-show coverage. The rest of the show is on the WWE Network

7:53PM: Mojo Rawley defeats Curt Hawkins (8:03)


Post Match Interview:

8:00PM: The PPV is live! It starts with an Elimination Chamber hype video. We get the cool pyro as usual, then we go to our first match, Becky Lynch vs Mickey James.

8:03PM: Becky Lynch vs Mickie James


The two go into a tie-up at the start of the match. The tie-up continues until they both roll outside the ring. The two of them walk back into the ring and continue the match. The two fight outside the ring again just a minute later. Mickey is targeting the arms quite often early on in the match. Mickey shows lots of dominance throughout the first 5 minutes of the match. Crowd nearly silent during the mid part of this match. Becky makes a comeback 8 minutes into the match and hits the Exploder Suplex. A noticeable cut starts bleeding on Mickie’s left elbow.  Becky continues to sell her arm very well. James hits the Mick Kick and goes for the pin. Lynch kicks out. Becky makes another comeback and tries for the Disarmer. James tries to reverse into a roll up pin, but Lynch responds with a roll-up of her own to win the match. The match ends after 11 minutes of competition.

8:18PM: Becky Lynch defeats Mickie James


8:19PM: Dasha is in the Carmella and Ellesworth Skybox and Carmella says that the “wrong woman won” that match.

8:21PM: Apollo Crews and Kalisto vs Dolph Ziggler


As Kalisto makes his entrance, Ziggler throws Kalisto against the entrance wall. Kalisto is too injured to compete, and the match is now Crews vs Ziggler. Ziggler has control of the match for the first few minutes. Kalisto heals up and joins the match at the 7 minute mark. I guess it was a 2-on-1 the whole time? Apollo Crews gets the pin after 7 minutes of fighting. After the match, Ziggler continues to fight. He takes down Kalisto and Crews, and wedges a chair on one of Crews’ feet. He stomps on the ankle, and Crews sells it like murder. He decides to do it once more. Ziggler walks off and we cut to commercials.

8:35 PM: Apollo Crews and Kalisto defeat Ziggler


Post Match Interview:

8:36 PM: Tag Team Turmoil Match


It’s time for our first title match of the night, the tag team turmoil match! The tag team turmoil match starts with Heath Slater and Rhyno versus The Fashion Police, AKA Fandango and Tyler Breeze. Good back and forth action between these two teams lasts quite an amount of time. Fandango pins Heath Slater who was the illegal man in the ring. As Fandango gets up, he eats a Gore from Rhyno got eliminate the two. The Vaudevillians come out next to face Slater and Rhyno. After only a couple minutes, The Vaudevillians get eliminated by Heath Slater. The Usos are the next challengers. The Usos eliminate Heath Slater and Rhyno and American Alpha come out next. These two teams get much more time than the last two teams. Jason Jordan gets a hot tag and starts going crazy. Gable tags in as The Usos are stills fighting Jason. Chad Gable walks in the ring and gets a roll-up to eliminate The Usos. After being eliminated The Usos beat up American Alpha and they do it well. A Frogsplash onto Jason Jordan ends the brawl. The Ascension make their way to the ring once the brawl finally ends.

The Ascension try to pick the scraps but American Alpha still have some fight left in them. American Alpha make a comeback and win the match via Grand Amplitude. They retain their Tag Team Championships. I was not that interested in this match, and I found it kind of lame. Maybe this was just because I was hoping for The Revival to debut in this match.

9:00PM: American Alpha win Tag Team Turmoil


9:06PM: Nikki Bella vs Natalya


The second out of the trio of Women’s Matches is Nikki Bella vs Natalya, and it’s the next match on the card! This match had very slow paced back and forth action. The crowd did not react to anything that was going on. Nikki Bella’s mother and brother are shown ringside during this match. Nikki Bella gets fired up after Nattie says “You can’t see me bitch”. Nikki’s comeback does not last long as Natalya regains the advantage minutes later. Later on both wrestlers trade blows on the top rope, and Natalya hits a Superplex. Nikki Bella goes for John Cena’s trademark submission move the “STF” for the second time, but Natalya escapes again. The two of them brawl outside the ring until the ref calls a double countout. The brawl outside the ring looked like blatant stalling. Before the countout, we saw Nikki make a last ditch attempt to run in the ring, but Natalya stopped her, hence the double countout. But what’s interesting is that Nikki did maybe the slowest run ever to the ring. It was painfully obvious what the finish to the match would be. After the match we get a brawl, ending with Natalya running away as the ref holds Nikki back.

9:22PM: Nikki Bella vs Natalya ends in a double countout


9:22PM: Carmella, still in the Skybox, says that the two who were wrestling have “Major issues’ and are out of control, and Ellesworth says the same thing

9:29PM: Randy Orton vs Luke Harper


It’s Family vs Family up next when Luke Harper faces Randy Orton! 8 minutes into the match Luke Harper does a mini-Swanton over the ropes (whatever it’s called) and a big boot to follow. Randy kicks out. Orton’s trademarked rope DDT gets reversed by Harper right after. Luke Harper further showcases his highflying with a Tope Suicida, sending Orton over the German commentary table. Harper follows that up by throwing Orton down onto the English table. Orton and Harper re-enter the ring at the 7 count. Orton reverses Harper into a very big Superplex. The first part of the match was slow, but this part really caught my attention. Minutes after the Superplex, Orton calls for an RKO. Harper gets up and nails Orton with a Superkick. A second one follows. Orton kicks out at 2 and a half. Harper goes for a Powerbomb that leads to a kickout. The crowd is very intruiged by the match at this point. Harper trying for a clothesline gets reversed into an RKO out of nowhere for the win. What a match this was! I loved it.

9:48PM: Randy Orton def. Luke Harper


9:52PM: A fight breaks out backstage between Natalya and Nikki Bella.

9:52PM: Naomi vs Alexa Bliss (Smackdown Women’s Championship Match)


The Women’s Championship sees a new challenger in Naomi. Will the champion Alexa Bliss still be able to call herself #1 by the end of the night? Let’s find out! Early on in the match it is apparent that Naomi is giving Alexa Bliss a run for her money. The match stays back and forth as it heads past the 10 minute mark. At one point Alexa Bliss throws a temper tantrum out of frustration. The Twisted Bliss gets reversed by Naomi putting her knees up. Naomi reverses and hits a moonsault off the turnbuckle to win the championship and become the new Smackdown Women’s champion. Even though it was a great match, it seemed like a bit of an ugly finish. Seemed like Naomi’s legs landed on Bliss’ side. Anyways, after the match Naomi gets interviewed and gives a very good, short promo. Crowd was very happy about this. This was a good quick title match. I am very happy to see Naomi as champ.

10:07PM: Naomi def. Alexa Bliss to become new Champion


10:07PM: Carmella gets interviewed again in the Skybox. Dasha gets immediately sent out of the Skybox because they were annoyed that they were repeatedly being interviewed.

10:14PM: It is time for the Elimination Chamber match!


It is time for the Elimination Chamber match! AJ Styles and John Cena will start in the ring, as the other four competitors are in chambers, awaiting their entrance. The two wrestlers trade moves for five minutes, and then the next entrant comes in. That next entrant is Dean Ambrose! Ambrose goes right after Cena. Lots of fighting happens outside the ring in the floored area. Ambrose stands above his pod and jumps down with an Elbow onto Cena. Ambrose has control for the most part, until Bray Wyatt becomes the fourth entrant. Wyatt clears house when he enters. Styles climbs up the Chamber with Cena. They climb to a part of the cage higher than the pods. They trade blows, until Cena crashes onto the ground. Styles walks over to a pod where Dean Ambrose is standing. They both bash their heads on the plexiglass on the wall above the pod. Ambrose falls off, while Styles stays resting above the pod. Bray Wyatt delivers 3 man Superplex with Ambrose and Styles involved. The next entrant comes in, being Baron Corbin. As the final entrant The Miz walks into the ring, Baron Corbin gets eliminated by Ambrose via roll-up. Out of frustration Corbin beats up Ambrose even more, throwing Ambrose THROUGH the plexiglass of one pod. The refs try their best to get Corbin out of there, but he continues the assault. Corbin hits the End of Days on Ambrose, then finally decides to leave the ring.

The Miz pins Ambrose in the middle of the ring, taking advantage of what Corbin did, eliminating Ambrose. The crowd boo’d quite a bit for that elimination. The Miz does more “YES” chants, mocking Daniel Bryan. John Cena eliminates The Miz, then tries to eliminate Styles. Styles reverses an AA into a Styles Clash. A minute later, Cena gets on top of a pod and delivers a cross body onto Bray and Styles. Bray Wyatt hits the Sister Abgail on Cena after reversing an AA, pins Cena and eliminates John Cena! This means that we will have a new champion tonight!

It’s down to two. Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles. Styles hits a Springboard 450, but Wyatt kicks out. A minute later, a Phenominal Forearm gets reversed into a Sister Abgail, for Bray Wyatt to become the newest WWE Champion! What a match this was! What a great finish to the match. Loved it.

11:02PM: Bray Wyatt wins the Elimination Chamber and becomes the WWE Champion

That wraps up tonights coverage! Thanks for following along! Make sure to follow me on Twitter @JackWannan to see what I am up to, and follow Mind of Carnage @MindofCarnage to see what the site is up to!

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