Eric Bischoff Praises Teddy Long And Talks About His Hall of Fame Induction

On the recent edition of Bischoff On Wrestling podcast, Eric Bischoff spoke about Teddy Long’s Hall of Fame induction and the relationship between them.

Here is an excerpt from his podcast (Sourced from

”I was really, really happy to see that. Teddy and I are still pretty close. We stay in touch on Facebook. We text each other around the holidays and things like that. Teddy was a guy that when I first got to WCW and was doing a lot of “batting clean up” on the announce team Teddy and I hosted a couple shows together and did a lot of work together. I’ll always remember this, on Friday afternoons was when Teddy and I were on the schedule to do wrap arounds and do whatever show we were doing together. I don’t remember which one it was because there were so many at the time. This is before I took over WCW. When I was just an announcer. We’d start usually around noon or 1 pm in the afternoon and we’d just go straight through until 5 or 6 or 7 o’clock at night. We wouldn’t stop to take a break or eat or anything like that. At the end of the night Teddy and I would go to a place just outside downtown Atlanta in Marietta called Casa De Lardo. Teddy and I would go in there during happy hour and they’d have these goldfish bowl sized margaritas and all the chips and salsa you could eat for like five bucks a gallon. We would sit there and usually I would wait for my wife to come pick me up at night. My wife would meet us there and we would hang out and Teddy became a good friend of the family. Teddy used to come to my house in Atlanta and he’d bring my son Garrett do-rags because Teddy was always wearing do-rags back in the day. It was up until Garrett was about fourteen or fifteen years old he had a whole collection of Teddy Long do-rags. We’ve got a long history and I’ve got a lot of affection for Teddy Long.”

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