2/20/17 RAW LIVE Results

RawHey everyone! My name is Jack Wannan and I will be recapping RAW for you during the whole night! Make sure to come back to this article while RAW is happening for updates!

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8:00PM: Opening Segment:

 The show is officially underway! The show starts off with a photo that says “In Memory of George The Animal Steele”. After that, we get a recap of the Festival of Friendship from last week’s RAW. It was a very well put together video package. It Could have been a little shorter though.

After that, we get Kevin Owens in the ring with a singular spotlight on him as he sits in a chair. Showered by boos, he says “Now that the spotlight is finally where it belongs, I can answer the questions that’s on everybody’s mind. Why? Why does Kevin Owens think he will walk out of Fastlane with the Universal Championship?”. He continued to do a very impressive heel promo discussing his match at Fastlane. He said that he will show Goldberg, his son and everyone else that “Superheroes don’t exist”, calling back to what Goldberg said when he returned.

He also says “as far as Chris Jericho goes..”, but leaves it at that. He drops the mic, then leaves. The crowd boos heavily for that. This really sold the PPV match for me. I was very happy with this being the start of the show.

8:19PM: Cesaro and Sheamus vs Enzo and Cass (#1 Contenders Match)

It’s time for our first match tonight! Enzo and Cass do their usual song and dance before the match. Cass and Sheamus start off the match. Cass shows dominance. Enzo gets tagged in as the team showcases their double-team action. Cesaro uppercuts Enzo outside the ring as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Cesaro and Sheamus are isolating Enzo with quick tags. Enzo makes a comeback and hot tags Cass in. Sheamus tags Cesaro in, Cass doesn’t notice. Cesaro hits a cross body, but theres a kickout. He tries for the Cesaro Swing on Cass. Enzo jumps back into the ring. Cesaro throws Enzo out of the ring, but he turns back around to eat a slam by Cass to give them the victory. Enzo cuts a promo after the match, but Sheamus is salty about it and Brouge Kicks Enzo. Nonetheless, we still have new #1 contenders.

8:38PM: Enzo and Cass def. Cesaro and Sheamus and become new #1 Contenders for the RAW Tag Team Championships. 

8:44PM: Mick Foley sets up a tag match, with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson facing Roman Reigns.

8:48PM: Brian Kendrick vs Akira Tozawa

Our second match of the night is a match from the Cruiserweight Division. The rivalry between Kendrick and Tozawa enters a new chapter after their brief conversation backstage at 205 Live last week. Kendrick beats up Akira Tozawa before the match even starts. Kendrick walks away as Tozawa is still being checked on, and the match gets thrown away. Backstage after the match, Kendrick says he did that because he was disrespected. Roman’s 2-on-1 match is after the break.

8:53PM: Brian Kendrick vs Akira Tozawa gets cancelled.

8:57PM: Roman Reigns vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (2-on-1 Handicap Match)

The match that was just announced 15 minutes ago is already underway. Karl starts off the match against Reigns. Right from the start Roman is being beat to a pulp. After many minutes of Roman taking a beating, he starts to make a comeback. His comeback comes to a halt after he picks up a chair that Gallows brought in the ring and used it. Roman is DQ’d, but he wants to fight more. He tears the two apart, and the crowd pops for that. This match had no rhyme or reason, so it’s ok that Roman got DQ’d.

9:05PM: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson def. Roman Reigns via DQ

9:15PM: Jinder Mahal and Rusev vs New Day

Lana introduces Jinder Mahal and “Handsome” Rusev. Yes, he’s still called that. The New Day, who were just announced as the hosts for Wrestlemania are Rusev and Mahal’s opponents for this match. They say that their ice cream plans are now on an iPad, and are encrypted. Lana, who is also holding an iPad says that she has the plans. The New Day don’t Bellevue it at first, but once she starts reading it off, they notice that she is not kidding. Big E says “you know she’s Russian right?”. The two teams start beefing as we go to break.

We come back after the break with the match underway. Kofi and Big E are representing New Day in this match, with Xavier ringside. While the match was underway, Xavier steals Lana’s iPad, the destroys it. New Day double team Jinder to give them the victory.

9:29PM: New Day def. Jinder Mahal and Rusev

9:3oPM: A very nice tribute to George “The Animal” Steele was shown next.

9:37PM: Cruiserweight Title Match Contract Signing

With Austin Aries overlooking, Jack Gallagher and Neville sign their contract for the Cruiserweight Title match at Fastlane. Neither wrestler wastes any time with signing the contract. Neville walks out, signs contract and decides to leave. Gallagher invites Neville back in, with tea and biscuits on the table. Neville is not a fan of how Gallagher only acts like a stereotype of a British person. He claims that the crowd is laughing at Gallagher, and not with him. Gallagher says that he is not playing a Gentleman, he is one. Neville throws the table away and he pushes Gallagher. Jack responds by throwing down Neville, then headbutts him. Neville runs off.

9:49PM: Nia Jax vs Sara Pearce

It’s another week where Nia Jax is fighting a local. A Samoan Drop gives Nia the win in under a minute. After the match, Nia says that she deserves a title shot. She is “putting the champ on notice”.

9:50PM: Nia Jax def. Sara Pearce

9:58PM: Bayley talks about her championship win

Bayley tells her “i made it” type of story, but she gets interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. Mrs. McMahon addresses the fact that Bayley won in a cheap way, and she says that Bayley should give up the championship. Bayley is being driven to tears as she takes off the belt. Bayley is deciding if she should hand the belt over, but Sasha’s music hits because she has something to say.

Sasha says “do not listen to this garbage”. Bayley says “should I give up the championship… Hell no!”. Charlotte is the next person who comes out to the ring. She says that she doesn’t want Bayley to give up the title because she will take it back at Fastlane. Sasha gets into an argument with Charlotte, and Stephanie books them in a match…. NEXT!

10:15PM: Sasha Banks vs Charlotte

This match is already underway as we come back from commercials. Bayley is on commentary for this contest. It felt like she didn’t contribute much while on commentary. This match goes on for quite some time. After another commercial break, Sasha Banks starts to build momentum. Sasha does the double knees outside the ring. As Charlotte and Sasha are resting outside the ring, Dana Brooke runs down the ramp. Bayley beats up Dana and Sasha finishes the match. Sasha wins via the “Bank Statement”. Sasha and Bayley celebrate together.

10:29PM: Sasha Banks def. Charlotte

10:29PM: We get a video showcasing Diamond Dallas Page, the most recently announced WWE Hall of Famer.

10:40PM: Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

It’s time for the Owen’s match that was made earlier. As Sami Zayn is walking down to the ring, Samoa Joe comes out of nowhere and starts absolutely destroying him. Outside the ring, Joe hits a running Senton on Zayn. Joe throws the unconscious Sami into the ring for Owens to pick the scraps. Sami slowly stands up, and begs for the match to still happen.

The match starts, and Kevin shows no mercy. Kevin ends the match in very quick time, with a pop-up powerbomb.

10:46PM: Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn

10:51PM: Michael Cole interviewing Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

Cole announces that Lesnar will face Goldberg at Wrestlemania. Heyman cuts a good promo, and that’s that.

10:55PM: Braun Stroman vs Big Show

We next see the ring crew “reinforcing the ring” for the next match. Whatever. When the match begins, Stroman shows absolute dominance for the first few minutes. Big Show finally finds an opening by landing a Suplex. Moments later he lands a chokeslam. Stroman kicks out of the pin after that. They go to the top rope for a Superplex. The crowd is predicting that something big will happen. Stroman reverses, and Big Show goes back onto the ground. Stroman jumps off the ropes, but gets hit with a knockout punch in mid-air. Stroman kicks out. Stroman hits his running Powerslam, Big Show kicks out. He goes for another, and wins the match. Roman Reigns comes out immediately after the match.

Reigns hits many Superman Punches. Reigns attempts a spear, but Stroman reverses it into a dropkick. Running Powerslam takes Roman out.

11:17PM: Braun Stroman def. Big Show

That ends off this episode of Monday Night RAW! Hope you enjoyed!

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