The Rock Calls CM Punk After Raw – WWE’s Reaction To That


For those fans who are asking if WWE was behind the Rock calling CM Punk following Monday Night Raw, we can reassure you they were not.

As reported, The Rock made an appearance following Raw to film a few scenes for his upcoming film based on the real life family of Paige called “Fighting with my Family.” During that segment The Rock would proceed to name CM Punk, and even call him at one point, but would get voicemail. Punk would reportedly call back in which Rock missed and Rock would proceed to facetime Punk, which in the end didn’t happen.

At one point sources say that someone at ringside would draw the Rock’s attention requesting that he change direction and focus on something else. There were even threats of shutting off his mic which Rock addressed to the audience by saying “They better not turn off my mic.”

WWE and CM Punk are still not on the best of terms following Punk’s departure from the company back in January of 2014. Punk would claim later on Colt Cabana’s podcast that WWE medics were lazy and ignored a MRSA staph infection which Punk claims to have been suffering from. In addition Punk was not satisfied with the possibility of losing money as WWE at that time were swerving away from the traditional PPV methods and focused on the WWE Network. Him not main eventing WrestleMania was another hot issue for him which led to his departure.

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