Diamond Dallas Page Talks WWE Hall Of Fame, Who He Wanted To Induct Him Plus More

During an interview with WWE Youtuber Myles, DDP spoke on getting into the WWE Hall of Fame, who would’ve inducted him and more.

Here are some highlights:

Being Inducted Into the WWE Hall Of Fame:

“I never dreamed that I’d be a Hall Of Famer man. It wasn’t my mission in the beginning because I went from a manager, to a wrestler. You know, at 35 in a match, so to ever think that I would be in this spot – I’m super honored and humbled to be here. When it comes to doing that speech, it’s gonna be bittersweet because the guy who would’ve inducted me would’ve been Dusty Rhodes. And without him being there it’s gonna – You can even hear it in my voice right? When I think about it. You know it hits me hard. So I’m really looking forward to it though man. It’s a dream come true.”

Who Will Be Inducting DDP To The HOF:

“I’m not exactly sure yet but they got a couple of names that they read by me and – you know, I don’t think they want that out there yet. But it’ll be someone who knows my career pretty well. I have a pretty extensive list after Dusty, Jake being the main name the way I look at it. But I’m not sure Jake can swing it that night. It’s gonna be emotional.”

Thoughts on Goldberg’s WWE Return:

“I tell you I was shocked. Not completely shocked, because I knew Bill wanted to get in there. He wished he had one more run for his kid. Like he wanted his kid to experience what he’d experienced. Bill was dramatic about staying in shape. So he’s not your average 49 year old. Hell he’s not your average 39 year old. You know cause he’s in such magnificent shape. I knew he’d put the work in and for him and Brock I think it’s gonna be a great match.”

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