Big Backstage Update On The Hardy Brothers TNA Status


Based on reports coming from, both Hardy Brothers are in deed preparing to leave TNA. This comes off the announcement that Drew Galloway has decided to leave the promotion.

Both Hardy brothers had a verbal agreement back in December of 2016 that they would stay with the company, though with recent changes in management and being that Jeff Jarrett wishes to re-brand and rebuild the promotion, certain elements have turned the Hardys away. One element being that they wouldn’t posses the creative control they had previously. Matt Hardy has had creative control over his character for the past year which many can’t argue has been a success. In addition to the creative limitation, the new contracts being offered under the new management of Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantel & Scott D’Amore have a stipulation that would require talents to have their outside appearances approved by the company, and would require the talent to pay TNA 10% of those earnings. Multiple TNA sources have denied to comment on that claim.

At this time, it’s very apparent that the Hardy Brothers are not going to resign with the company. And being that Jeff Hardy showed interest of a WWE return, could now spark speculation of a potential WWE return.

Feel free to read the detailed article here. 

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