Backstage News On TNA’s New Contract Changes & Creative Team Changes


Here are some updates on TNA’s executive structure along with some changes to their talent contracts.

Jeff Jarrett will now be overseeing things as the company’s Chief Creative Officer and will not be featured on TV as of right now.

In a recent email to talents, Jarrett also noted that Dutch “Zeb Colter” Mantell will now be the head of creative for the company going forward. John Gaburick will be the creative consultant and will run the gorilla position during Impact Wrestling TV Tapings. Gaburick will not be involved in creative aspects but only utilizes as a consultant. The email also confirmed the departure of former TNA creative member Matt Conway.

When it comes to the new contracts, there are some new terms which talents must agree too. One term is the pay structure during TV Tapings. Prior to the change, talents were paid on a Per Episode basis. Meaning, if they taped three episodes in one day, and the one talent were used in all three, they would get paid for three individual episodes. Now the new term would see talents get paid on a per-day pay scale instead. In addition, some talents will have to get approval for independent bookings and will have to pay TNA 10% of their wrestling earnings outside the company. There is also talks about a change in royalty payments on its way.

MOC: Personally, these new terms don’t sound attractive at all, and could cause Anthem and TNA officials a lot of problems with talent.

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