WWE NXT 3/1/17 Live Coverage

nxt-logoHey folks! It’s Jack Wannan once again! Today I’ll be doing some live coverage of this week’s episode of NXT. Make sure to come back throughout the night for updates and video highlights! Updates will be marked with timestamps.

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7:45PM: Waiting for the show to start! Grab the popcorn!

8:00PM: The show is underway! It starts off with a video hyping the two title matches tonight (Women’s and Tag Titles). After that, we cut to a crowd ready for a fight. They get what they want, because out first match just about to get started

8:02PM: Patrick Clark vs Sean Maluta

I haven’t seen Mr. Clark before, but it’s hard to see if he is a babyface or a heel. Crowd doesn’t favour one wrestler over another in this match. Maluta shows dominance during the first minute. Nice Shining Wizard by Maluta. Clark makes a comeback and wrestles more of a brawler style. Clark shows more of an aggressive character compared to when he was making his entrance. Clark wins the match after a Famouser “of some sorts” as Tom Phillips described it. Very quick match, it’s obviously a very packed show this week.

8:07PM: Patrick Clark def. Sean Maluta

8:10PM: Before our next match we see Sanity outside in front of a garbage can fire. Eric Young delivers a threatening message to Tye Dillinger.

8:11PM: Peyton Royce vs Asuka (NXT Women’s Championship Match)

It’s time for our first of the two championship matches tonight. Peyton Royce, with her friend Billie Kay ringside, takes on the undefeated champion Asuka. When the bell rings, Peyton immediately shows that she is intimidated. They grapple and trade blows for the first few minutes of the match. There was a very impressive spot early on where they both traded kicks, with both of them dodging each other. The two start brawling outside the ring. Peyton hits Asuka’s arm against the post, going for a pin right after hoping for the match to end. Asuka kicks out at 1.

We come back from break with Asuka fighting out of a submission. Peyton starts to show frustration as Asuka is still fighting back from moves. After more time of submissions on Asuka, she starts to make a comeback. A combination of moves ending with a Shining Wizard only gives Asuka a 2 count. Later on, Peyton gets put in a running Armbar, transitioning into the Asuka Lock. Royce taps, and Asuka retains the championship.

After the match, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay pick apart the weakened Asuka. Ember Moon comes out to save Asuka. Kay and Royce flee, with Asuka and Moon left standing in the ring. Asuka and Moon stare each other down, with Asuka hoisting her belt.

8:22PM: Asuka def. Peyton Royce

8:28PM: A recap of what happened last week between Kassius Ohno and Bobby Roode is shown.

8:30PM: William Regal announces that Bobby Roode will face Kassius Ohno for the NXT Championship in two weeks on TV.

8:32PM: A video package promoting the WWE UK Tournament fighter Wolfgang.

8:33PM: It is announced that Shinsuke Nakamura will be in action next week on NXT TV.

8:34PM: #DIY vs Authors of Pain (NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

It is time for our main event of the evening! Let’s get started!

Early on in the match Tommaso Ciampa stays isolated by the Authors of Pain. Ciampa tries to fight back but gets dominated over and over. Back from the commercial break Ciampa is starting to make a comeback. Johnny Gargano gets the hot tag. #DIY becomes the dominant team. Ciampa tags back in and has a submission on one of the AoP members. The other member comes in and breaks up the submission hold. Gargano tries to even the odds but he gets thrown away. Ciampa, who is weakened gets up in the corner by Razar. Ciampa reverses what Razar was going for, hitting a powerbomb from the corner. He goes for a pin, but he kicks out. #DIY continue to fight and hit their famous double submission. The two submissions get broken up by The Revival, who attack #DIY.

Authors of Pain decide to attack The Revival. The Revival take out them too. The match gets thrown away, which means AoP retain the belts. That ends off this episode.


8:50PM: Authors Of Pain retain their titles via DQ versus #DIY

That ends the coverage for tonight! I will add video highlights once WWE uploads them. Hope you enjoyed this!

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