Ryback Talks TNA Reaching Out To Him, His Steroid Use & More

Former WWE Superstar Ryback was recently interviewed by Jim Ross on his “Ross Report Podcast.” During the interview Ryback spoke on several subject which included his past steroid uses, Companies contacting him and more. Here are some highlights:

Wrestling Companies Reaching Out To Him:

“Obviously with TNA, or Impact Wrestling, and they made a great offer a while back, and it’s just that I have no interest in going anywhere right now with everything that I’ve got going on. New Japan, I know a few guys over there. They expressed that there was a lot of interest, but I don’t know who is in charge of making decisions. There has been zero contact in terms of a phone call, or an email, or anything of that nature outside of just me hearing, ‘They’d like to work with you.’ I would love to go over there and work Kenny Omega, go over there for two or three days at a time, here and there. I would be totally for that.”

Introduced to Steroids:

“I was a guy that never thought in a million years, Jim, that would touch steroids, or human growth hormone, or anything like that. And it was Triple H, Kevin Nash, and Stephanie [McMahon] came into Gold’s Gym. I was 19 years old and working the front desk. I was in school full-time and I was working at the gym to have some money to support myself. And they came in. And I talked about this before, but I loved Triple H when I was a kid. He was one of my favorites and they were in there and they were talking about some stuff. And we would get some of the pro bodybuilders in there as well.”

Having Body Builders Making It Seem Normal:

“They kind of started putting it in my head a little bit. I know it was my choice and my adolescent mindset where I’m comparing myself to other people rather than being the best version of myself. It was what it was and guys were doing it and I saw the guys that I liked growing up and they’ve openly admitted that they used them in the past. And if they do it and I like these guys, maybe I need to do this in order to be noticed and I did them for a period of probably three or four years off and on.”

WWE’s Wellness Policy Forming Him To Stop Using Steroids:

“That forced me to stop. And because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love to do. But for me, I suffered severe consequences for using them where it had shut down my natural testosterone production.”

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