Ryback Says WWE Brought Back Goldberg To Spite Him

During the latest edition of “Conversation With The Big Guy” podcast, Ryback spoke about Goldberg’s return to WWE and he believes WWE brought him in to spite Ryback.

See what he had to say below:

“I watched the entire Fastlane Pay Per View. I don’t have anything bad to say. They put the championship on Bill Goldberg and I don’t think he has wrestled that long since he has been there and I don’t think he has to. He looks physically very impressive, but you can just tell he is an older human being, and anybody who tries to deny that is being ridiculous. I think he has done a phenomenal job in being Goldberg still to the best of his abilities, and surely they have done a good job with him. I’m happy for him and all that going on, but part of me still looks at that and is like, come on guys, is part of this because I left? Why wasn’t he brought in when I was there for the last 5 years when that was the match that would have made absolute sense? I’m raising that point because I left and I really think it’s all a game. I look and part of me believes it is because McMahon brought him in in spite of me. The marks who disagree just don’t get it, but I’m bringing up a point, raising a question. Just like when I wrote the blog just when I left WWE about equal pay, not stating, but yet people will read it and say that he is demanding equal pay for all wrestlers, but I never said that, I had a clear question mark after raising a question and to have a conversation, but when you are dealing with a bunch of idiots that is what happens. I don’t think they are going to put a lot of time in their match—from a bell to bell physical standpoint, I don’t see that being the case. If they would have done it, they would have done so with Kevin Owens. There will be some shenanigans to switch that title over back to Brock Lesnar.”

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