Luke Gallows Talks WrestleMania 33, Southpaw Regional Wrestling & More

One half of the Raw Tag Team Champions, Luke Gallows was recently interviewd by FOX sports, and spoke about several subjects. Here are some highlights.

His second run in WWE being much more enjoyable:

“I think I matured as a performer during my time in Japan, with Karl Anderson, and we kind of found our niche with The Club stuff over in Japan. And then bringing it here to WWE with AJ Styles and Finn Balor. So that faction grew and the fans accepted it and they dug it, they were into what we were doing. It kind of got everybody over, and pushed us into or back into the WWE spotlight. I know all four of us have certainly been enjoying the ride, and there’s a lot more untapped potential there, so the sky’s the limit. We’re all looking forward to our WrestleMania moments come Orlando at the beginning of April.”

Southpaw Regional Wrestling Shorts:

“Southpaw Regional Wrestling is a concept of this … basically 1980s southern regional wrestling promotion or territory, and it’s a lot of stuff that the guys have been doing for years backstage to entertain each other. I know my character in particular has been an ongoing thing for the better part of a decade. It was really us getting to kind of take the gloves off and use our… comedic style, if there is one. You’ll get the chance to judge for yourself, but you’ll see a lot of people step outside of the realm of what you’ve seen them do, character-wise, and as in-ring performers as a part of WWE. So it’s kind of a chance for everybody to let their hair down. I didn’t get to because I don’t have any, but everybody else. And we had a blast doing it, man. That thing drops tomorrow. I just watched the teaser myself, I was trying to get them to shoot me a link but they won’t do it.”

Heading into WrestleMania 33 and the excitement in the air:

“I think there’s a different energy in the air for all the WWE Superstars heading into WrestleMania, myself included, because this is the biggest show on Earth. I don’t like to compare to other sports, but I guess for a lack of a better term, this is the Super Bowl. So everybody’s focused. Everybody wants to look their best, they want to perform their best, and it’s the highest level of competition that there is in our industry. So a lot of positive vibes are going into this thing, a lot of positive energy, and we’re going to come out on the other side looking great.

I’m here in Georgia right now before I head up to live events. Just opened the Bulletproof Dojo here, so we have our own training center. I’ve been with my good friend, former WWE Superstar Joey Mercury, working out in the ring all the time. So everybody’s focused and getting ready. When they’re at home, on the road or at these live events, everybody’s trying to tighten things up. We know there will be a lot of scrutiny when we get to WrestleMania in Orlando, but it’s a very exciting time. It’s a very exciting feeling, for sure.”

Read the entire interview here. 

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