Kurt Angle Calls John Cena The Greatest WWE Superstar Of All Time, Fan Reception & More

Kurt Angle was recently interviewed by FOX Sports to discuss his soon to-be induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Here are some highlights:

Who in your opinion was the best wrestler during your era in WWE?:

“I’ll give you an example: Who I think is the greatest of all time is – but he just wasn’t there enough – was Stone Cold Steve Austin. He had a great run for five years, but he was also out a year of that. So his baby-face run was about five years, but he was out with a neck injury for a year. Nobody can sustain it like John Cena has, and consistency is definitely a key when you’re talking about the greatest of all time.”

How has the fan reaction been for you since news broke of your return to WWE?:

“Well I think a lot of people didn’t think I was ever going to return to WWE in any capacity. When the parting occurred in 2006… I mean it wasn’t extremely ugly, but it wasn’t pretty either. And it was just I go my way and WWE goes theirs. We never really made amends until the past couple months, so it was extremely overwhelming.

A lot of people – you would think after 11 years, there is a new generation that might not know Kurt Angle, but the WWE Network definitely helps them learn about who I was. But you have the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era generation that enjoys Kurt Angle, so they were very excited to have me back. You could see by the excitement.I never expected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at 48 years old, I was really overwhelmed.”

Why John Cena is the best WWE Superstar of all time:

“I would put John Cena in the history books as being the greatest WWE Superstar of all time. And It’s not because John is the best wrestler. He’s one of the best, I wouldn’t put him at the very top of the list, but he is one of the best. He also has the ability to sell more merchandise than anybody else, and at the same time he’s done a lot for charities. And the fact that John has been consistent on top for 14 years completely amazes me.

I was on top for seven, and I was ready to go crazy. And on top of that, it’s the fact that John has stayed out of trouble. I mean, he is a clean-cut kid. He’s the perfect, perfect example of what any aspiring athlete should be. So I think that having him induct me into the Hall of Fame… He is who I want my son to be. Exactly.”

Make sure to read the entire interview here. 

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