Major Update On Buyout Talks Between ROH and WWE

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As reported, there have been rumors that WWE and ROH have been in talks for a potential buyout of the company. That news was said to be making rounds backstage during the ROH 15th Anniversary show in Las Vegas, NV as many talents were concerned over the company and their status. In a recent update, ROH officials are denying any sale talks with WWE and any sort of deal that is in the works.

Primarily WWE and ROH have had talks on and off in recent months, surrounding the possibility of the WWE Network carrying and or broadcasting ROH TV Shows. The deal would be a similar rumored deal Ā that WWE offered to both PROGRESS Wrestling & Insane Championship Wrestling.

As reported a while back, WWE is looking to diversify content on the WWE Network and has reached out to certain promotions they’ve worked close with to see about broadcasting content.

ROH COO, Joe Koff has said on multiple occasions that ROH would be open to a deal with the WWE in terms of content on the WWE Network, as long as the terms were right. WWE has worked with ROH previously in getting content for recent DVD releases and continue to work with ROH for future DVD releases. WWE is scheduling a Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins DVD release soon, which would see ROH content be aired.

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