WWE & ROH Sale Talk Update – Potentially Correct Despite Public Denials

As reported first by Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheets.com, WWE and ROH were said to be in talks for a complete buyout of the company. Though, many representatives from ROH, Sinclair Broadcast and talents have said that may not be the case.

Despite denials online, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio posted this on the forums claiming that the report is correct and that WWE is in fact trying to purchase ROH.

Let me clear this up again.

Satin’s article is correct.

Anything you hear publicly otherwise is as accurate as UFC was only selling 15% and TNA wasn’t negotiating to sell the company when we reported the Toby Keith story.

Like those stories, this is not a story I’m going to be wrong on no matter how many people publicly say so. There is no telling if a deal will be made, but what they are negotiating is to get tapes and get rid of competition.

Make note, that Meltzer did report UFC’s sale, while UFC officials were denying it. Meltzer also reports on the sale of TNA/Impact Wrestling along with them being booted from Spike TV and Destination America, while the whole time TNA/Impact Wrestling officials were issuing denials.

Take this for what it is right now, and we’ll see what happens as time goes on.

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