MOC Predictions: NXT TakeOver: Orlando April 1, 2017

Here are my predictions for Saturday’s NXT TakeOver: Orlando show.


Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose, Roderick Strong & Ruby Riot vs. SAnitY
Eight-Person Tag Team Match

This was a last minute addition to the already packed show and it’s no surprise as Sanity have been having continues problems with Dillinger, Jose and Strong. The addition of Ruby Riot just adds variety to this match allowing Nikki Cross and Ruby to show what they’re capable of. When it comes to the winners, I feel SAnitY still has something to prove as a developing stable in NXT. This will be a hard hitting match with SAnitY coming out on top in my opinion. Is this another opportunity where Dillinger fails his friends? Could Dillinger end up turning heel after this match joining SAnitY as he’ll have no other choice? I guess will see.

MOC Prediction: SAnitY


Aliester Black vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas
Singles Match

Well, this is a no brainier. How often do talents who debut on a huge show not get the win? Almas is considered one of those talents who can work with anyone and makes them look good. So it’s no surprise WWE made this match as the debut for Black. Now I don’t know much about Aliester Black I’ll admit, but he did have one surprise appearance during the WWE UK Tournament, which he didn’t disappoint and this match will be no different. Black comes out the winner on his debut match.

MOC Prediction: Aliester Black


Authors of Pain (c) vs. The Revival vs. #DIY
-NXT Tag Team Championship-
Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Here’s one match which has many people excited about, especially after NXT TakeOver Toronto featuring Revival and DIY. They had one of the best matches of the year and fans have been dying for those two teams to go at it again, but this time the addition of AOP adds a bit more of a problem in their way. Following their tag team title win, AOP have shown that they are a dominating team and not many can stand in their way. But the possibility of DIY and Revival working together to take them out tells me that AOP could potentially come out on top. Take out the obvious threat (AOP), focus on the other team (Revival & DIY), and when you think someone has the upper-hand, here comes AOP once again and picks up the win. So in my opinion, AOP retain their titles.

And yes, I have no idea what AOP’s names are again… I fail.

MOC Predictions: Authors of Pain (retain)


Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon
-NXT Women’s Championship-
Singles Match

Asuka has accomplished so much since arriving to NXT, being one of the most dominant female competitors and becoming the longest reigning NXT Women’s champions, she has a lot to lose. But in my opinion, because of all of accomplishments, I feel Ember could potentially win this match. There’s been many rumors going around that Asuka could potentially be called up to the main roster soon, and having competed on Smackdown Live events it shows that her call-up could be coming up very soon. So because of all of this, Ember is my pick to come out on top.

MOC Prediction: Ember Moon (New NXT Women’s Champion)


Bobby Roode (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
-NXT Championship-
Singles Match

The glorious Bobby Roode puts his title on the line against the energetic and charismatic Shinsuke Nakamura who is looking to recapture his NXT championship. I’ll will say, this is a hard call. In my honest opinion, here’s another situation where I feel that a talent will be called up soon to the main roster. Shinsuke Nakamura has spoken to reporters about a potential call up and where he wants to go, and the feeling going around is that we may see him on the main shows sooner rather than later. Though that’s still uncertain as WWE still feels he needs a bit more work on camera placement and how production works. To be honest, I rather see Nakamura on one of the main shows and I feel that this may be his final TakeOver show… that is if he doesn’t win. I do feel that Nakamura’s time has come and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him get called up sometime after Wrestlemania. So for that, I feel Bobby Roode retains his title.

MOC Predictions: Bobby Roode (retains) 

Those are my predictions for Saturday’s NXT show, what are yours? Make sure to share your predictions below, on twitter or Facebook.

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