Roman Reigns Addresses Fans Who Want Him To Turn Heel And Why He Doesn’t Want To

Roman Reigns was recently interviewed by Christ Jericho on his “Talk His Jericho” podcast. Jericho brought up fan ovation for Roman Reigns and how it’s similar to John Cena and believes that both talents [Roman and John] should never turn heel, because once they do, the audience will change and begin cheering for them.

Here’s what Roman had to say about that:

“The thing is, if I turn heel, what am I? Just like everything that has been done? Why not just be me? No one has ever been like me. This is un-chartered territory, it can be anything that I want it to be, so why put myself on one side of it? Why not just dabble, why not have the full range, do whatever I want, be the guy. That’s how I feel. I am the one writing this at this point now. We are in a position, we can do anything that we want, as long as they make noise.

Have fun man, boo the s*** out of me. If it is making you cooler with this dude and that dude next to you and y’all are having a great night. Please… Say all you want, I am a grown man, you’re not going to hurt my feelings. My wife is not going to think any differently of me”

Check out the podcast here. 

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