MOCLIVE – WWE NXT TakeOver: Orlando Recap (April 1, 2017)

Show: NXT TakeOver: Orlando
Date: April 1st, 2017
Venue: Amway Center, Orlando, FL.
Author: Cade Carnage

Ohhhhh dam here we go! NXT Orlando baby, the first show in what will be an exciting weekend. I can’t begin to explain how much I love WrestleMania weekend, because no matter what, WWE makes this weekend the most important and memorable for wrestling fans. So if you’re sitting at home, watching from a bar, or experiencing these shows live, be prepared for one amazing experience.

No tonight’s no different as NXT brings you TakeOver from Orlando FL. But here’s one extra special treat for tonight’s show, earlier today William Regal announced while at Axxess, that during tonight’s show, WWE NXT will be unveiling new championship belts for all divisions (Top Championship, Tag Team, & Women’s.) That’s pretty special, and no it was not an April Fools joke. So not only are we looking forward to some great matches, but the unveiling of what we hope to be some amazing looking belts.

I won’t wait any longer, let the recapping begin! Make sure to keep refreshing the page for latest updates and highlights. Also let me know of any errors you see, it’s hard to recap and proof read during live events. Images sourced below from the event sourced from @WWENXT on twitter.

NXT TakeOver: Orlando Pre-Show

No Way Jose Out: During the PreShow we found out that No Way Jose will not be able to compete in the eight-person tag team match after being attacked by SAnitY during WrestleMania Axxess. Dillinger, Strong and Ruby can either fight SAnitY with a man down, or find another partner.

Many people online are speculating that Hideo Itami or Kassius Ohno may answer the call.

SAnitY Gets Dark: 

NXT TakeOver: Orlando Recap

OPENER: NXT TakeOver Orlando begins with the lights dimmed and with the spotlight on the ring. Triple H gets on the speakers and says that tonight’s is “our night” and that this is WrestleMania week. He says that tonight they show “them” that they are NXT that they are home! A NXT TakeOver Orlando video package airs.


—-, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot & Tye Dillinger vs. Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, NIkki Cross & Eric Young
Eight-Person Tag Team Match

SAnitY enter the ring first as they re-show the footage when Sanity attacked No Way Jose at Axxess. Dillinger would follow and instead of his usual entrance he comes in serious and focused. Ruby and Roderick comes out and now we wait for the potential partner. The lights would go down and Kassius Ohno would come out.

Kassius Ohno, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot & Tye Dillinger vs. Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, NIkki Cross & Eric Young

Dillinger’s team would run into the rind attack Sanity. They would take all members of Sanity out instead of Nikki Cross. Nikki gets left in the ring with Ruby Riot and the match begins. Nikki keeps the advantage on Ruby until Ruby takes her to the corner and drives her head against the turnbuckle. Wolfe tags in and Ruby must tag out. Kassius comes in as Wolfe jumps around like a crazy person. Ohno hits him with a hard elbow and hits Eric Young as well. Kassius lands a senton on Wolfe and pins for a 2 count.

Kassius goes on the attack against the arm and twists and pulls on it. He takes Wolfe down and gets another pin. Kassius gets distracted by Young, allowing Wolfe to take advantage with a hard elbow. Young tags in and the beat down on Kassius begins. Young keeps him in his corner and tags in Wolfe. Wolfe hits a hard European uppercut and tries for an elbow drop. Ohno moves out of the way and tags in Roderick Strong.

Roderick comes in fast and attacks Wolfe, takes Young off the apron and throws Wolfe into Dain. Roderick hits a back breaker on young, and goes for some knees in the corner. Wolfe manages to counter Rodericks attack and hits a huge German suplex. Dain tags in and stomps away on Strong. Dain lands a few elbow drops and taunts the audience. Roderick manages to fight back with a few kicks and tries for a tag but Dain picks him up and throws him to his corner. Roderick attacks young and wolfe, but Dain hits a huge running dropkick. Young tags in.

Young takes Strong to the corner and chokes him by lifting him up on the apron. He hits a fist to the back of the head and pins for a 2. Young tags in Wolfe, and Wolfe tags in Dain. Both men deliver a double team where Dain hits a corner spear, and Wolfe; a running clothesline. Wolfe tags back in and locks in a choke. He hits a neck breaker and tags in Eric Young. Young jumps from the top rope and hits a nice elbow to the back of the head and pin. Dillinger would kick him off Strong. Eric goes on the attack again and lands a cheap shot to Dillinger on the apron. Roderick tries to fight back but Young takes him out and hits a cheap shot to Kassius Ohno on the apron.

Roderick again tries to fight back but Young takes him to the corner. He goes for the dropkick but Strog moves out of the way and tags in Tye Dillinger. Tye comes in with the momentum and takes out all the members of SAnitY connecting a perfect looking DDT to Alexander Wolfe. He hits a top rope cross body on Wolfe, and a suicide dive on Young on the outside. Dain hits a hard punch from behind, but Strong lands a running dropkick. Wolfe takes him out. Kassius runs the ropes and looks for his own bomb, but he creatively stops himself, flipping to the outside and hitting Wolfe with a hard elbow. IN the ring, Ruby looks to land a running cross body, but Nikki stops her. Both women fight to the outside.

Dillinger and Young are the two men back into the ring. Dain tries to stop Dillinger but he takes him and Young both out. Wolfe takes him out, but Kassius comes in hitting a DDT, suplex to Dain and Wolfe. Eric hits a neck breaker on Kassius. He looks for his finisher on Dilliger, but Roderick hits a running kick to the head. Roderick is left in the ring with Dain. Both men were about to fight, but Ruby jumps on Dain’s back and Nikki lands on Roderick. Both men get thm off and they begin fighting on the outside. Dillinger is in the ring with Dain and looks for his finisher, but Young stops him and Dain hits his finisher on Dillinger and pins for the 3 count win.

Winners: SAnitY

BACKSTAGE: Bobby Roode is backstage starring at his NXT championship.

AUDIENCE: Edge and Beth Phoenix, two WWE Hall of Famers are sitting ringside.


Aleister Black vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas
Singles Match

The match begins and both men slowly begin working. They reach a clinch but split right away. They try for another one and Almas gets an arm lock. Black counters and locks in his own arm lock. Almas counters into a neck lock and looks for a pin, but Black counters, and tries for a head kick but Almas ducks it. Both men split.

They go for another clinch and Black goes behind and pushes Almas to the ropes. Almas locks himself into the ropes and taunts. He goes on the attack and Almas rolls to the outside. Black tries for a suicide dive, but stops himself on the ropes, back flips and lands in a cross legged position. Almas climbs back into the ring and goes on the attack, but Black manages to counter each attempt and hits a hard kick for the head.

Both men head to the corner and this is where Almas takes advantage landing a double stomp to the chest. He fakes a running move and delivers a hard slap to Black. Almas goes for the suplex, but Black takes him to the apron, but Almas locks in the arm lock over the top rope. Almas lets go and heads to the top rope landing a missile dropkick. He pins for a 2. Almas gets an arm lock but Black manages to fight out and begins landing several knees to the gut and chest. Black continues the attack with multiple kiks and takes Almas to the outside. He hits Almas with a springboard backflip and rolls him back into the ring. Black tries for a kick but Almas counters with a few elbows. He tries for another arm lock on the apron, but Black stops him with some knees. Almas again tries for the top rope missile dropkick, but Black counters with a powerbomb and a 2 count pin.

Almas counters the pin with an arm lock and takes Black to the corner, he tries for the cross body but Black counters with a small package pin. Both men exchange a few more punches and kicks and even knocked eachother down with their kicks. Almas manages to land a backflip kick to the head and pins for a 2 count. Almas lands double knees to the head and tries for his DDT finisher but Black counters. Almas re-counters and hits a quick German for a 2 count. Almas goes for a running move but Black stops him with a high knee, and begins delivering several kicks to Almas’ head. He lands a quick roundhouse and pins for the 3 count victory.

Winner: Aleister Black


Authors Of Pain (c) vs. The Revival vs. #DIY
-NXT Tag Team Championship-
Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Before the match could begin, William Regal addressed the team to introduce the new NXT Tag Team Championships. He hands the ref the new belts and holds them up… Ok their not that bad.

The match begins and all members of each team are in the ring. Both Revival and DIY turn to focus AOP and as the bell rings, all the teams go for AOP. They takes them to the outside and DIY take out Akam against the barricade. DIY now pull out a table and set it up at ringside. They go for Akam but he magaes to fight back a little, that it until DIY push him into the steel steps. On the otherside Revival take out Rezar.

DIY and Revival meet eye to eye and get back into the ring. Scott Dawson gets thrown out and DIY hits a double team on Dash and pins for a 2 count. The teams get settled down as Ciampa and Scott head to their corners. DIY tag in and double hip toss Dash Wilder, but Akam tags in and double clotheslines DIY. Akam tags in Rezar and he lands a hard gut kick to Ciampa. Rezar goes for a corner attack but Ciampa hits a big boot. He tries for a jumping move but Rezar catches him. Ciampa counters hits a hard kick to the head and tries to tag someone from Revival, but they back off. Akam tag in and AOP both beat on Ciampa as Revival watches on. As Akam has his back turned, Revival attack Akam and hit a DDT and pull Ciampa over them to Eliminate AOP. But that does work and Dash tags himself in. Scott tags in and hits a elbow drop. Akam though manages to fight back and when Scott looks for a tag from DIY, they back off this time.

Akam goes on the attack again but gets tagged out by Johnny Gargano. Scott takes out Akam and turns to Johnny’s apron spear. Gargano takes out Dash who was trying to run in. On the outside, Ciampa lands a cross body on Rezar and Johnny on Akam. In the ring, Johnny climbs back in and hits a springboard DDT on Scott for a  2 count pin. Johnny tries for a cross body on AOP but they catch him easily. They use him as a shield to stop Ciampa hitting a sucide dive, and throw Johnny on Dash Wilder on the outside. AOP rolls Scott and Johnny into the ring. Rezar tags himself in and begins to choke Johnny in the middle of the ring.

Rezar tags Akam and both hit a double team backbreaker. Akam pins for the 2 count. Akam chokes Johnny to slow down the action a little bit. DIY teammate Ciamp and Revival are still laid out on the outside. Akam lifts Gargano up and locks in a torture lock. Gargano manages to slowly fight back and tries for a pin, but Akam counters and tries for an elbow drop, he missed. Gargano tries to jump over Akam to tag Ciampa but Akam catches him. Gargano breaks out and throws Akam against Scott Dawson ringside. Ciampa gets the tag and manages to take out Rezar and Akam. He hits not one, but two German Suplexes on Akam and its his running knee. Ciampa pins and looks to eliminate the champions, but gets a 2 count.

Ciampa hits a few chest slaps and sees Rezar cimbing the apron, he looks for a powerbomb through the table they set up earlier but Rezar holds onto the ropes. Gargano tries to help but against Rezar holds onto the rope. Revival run in and hit Rezar making him let go and go through the table. The audience go crazy.

In the ring, Revival and DIY now focus on the remaining AOP member, Akam. All teams go on the attack, with Akam trying to fight back, and actually getting the upperhand. Akam goes for a powerbomb on Ciampa, but Dash tags in and takes out Akam. Scott comes in and locks in a leg lock on Akam. Gargano looks to kick Dawson off, but stops and instead locks in cross face on Akam. Akam almost looks to tap out, but Rezar comes back in, and even with Ciampa and Dash holding him back, he breaks the submission.

The audience give a “this is awesome chant.” Rezar tags out and goes on an attack on Dash, but Rezar gets stopped. Each member of Revival and DIY hit a hard strike on Rezar leaving Revival’s Scott and DIY’s Gargano in the ring. Gargano and Scott hits DIY finisher on Rezar, while Dash and Ciampa hit Revival’s finisher on Akam, thus leaving Revival and DIY the only two teams in the ring.

Each face off, battle it out. Ciampa and Dawson get taken to the outside. Dash and Gagano fight it out until they see AOP get back to their feet. They both run the ropes and hit a suicide dive on AOP. Ciampa begins climbing to the top rope but gets stopped by Dawson, he climbs to the top rope and hits a superplex to Ciampa on top of AOP, Dash and Gargano on the outside.

Scott rolls Ciampa in the ring, but Rezar quickly tags Scott and clotheslines him. Akam gets to the apron and tags in. Both men deliver their finisher to Ciampa and pin for the 1..2..3!

#DIY Eliminated

AOP double team Dash Wilder and get a quick 2 count pin. They go for another double team finisher but Scott Dawson stops Akam on the ropes. Dash throws Rezar to the opposite corner. Dash lifts Akam on his shoulders and Scott hits a clothesline from the top rope. Scott hits a few German Suplexes on Rezar and pins for a 2 count. Revival look for a double move, but AOP fight back. They try for their finisher on Scott, but Dash gets in the way and takes the clothesline himself. Scott manages to get on quick pin on Akam, but that doesn’t matter as AOP take both men out and double powerbomb both men.

AOP still go on the attack taking Dash Wilder outside of the ring. Akam tries to lift Scott on his feet but Scott falls back down. Scott though tricks Akam and gets a surprise pin but it’s only for 2. On the outside Rezar runs Dash into the barricade, and in the ring Akam runs Dash against the turnbuckles. AOP hit their double powerbomb again and pin for the 3 count win.

Winners: Authors of Pain (retain)


Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon
-NXT Women’s Championship-
Singles Match

Before the match could begin, again William Regal handed the ref the new Women’s Championship. Ok, not bad either.

The match begins and both women stare off to start with. They clinch quickly and get to the ropes, making the ref break them apart. They clinch again and both roll on the matt with Ember Moon locking in the headlock and taking her over. Both women’s deliver headlock takedowns, arm locks, arm drags, and a dropkick and stare off once more.

Asuka tries to shake hands, but tricks Ember and tries for an attack. Ember counters into a hurricanrana. Ember manages to connect a arm drag and both women go back and forth again this time with shoulder blocks. Asuka gets the upperhand landing a hip attack but Ember comes back landing a few kicks and taking Asuka to the outside. Ember tries for a sliding move, but Asuka slides into the ring, runs the ropes and hits Ember off the apron with a hip attack throwing her against the barricade.

Ember Moon slowly climbs back into the ring where Asuka lands a few hard strikes. He hits a few spinning punches taking Ember to the mat. Asuka goes on the attack again but Ember catches her leg and faceplants Asuka against the mat. Ember runs the ropes, but Asuka hits her with a third hip attack. Asuka lands a few chest kicks and tries for a German suplex, but Ember tries to fight out. Asuka tries for the Asuka Lock, but Ember breaks out and hits a hard forearm taking Asuka to the outside. Ember runs the ropes rebounds to the outside landing on Asuka.

Ember throws Asuks back into the ring and looks to try for her Eclipse finisher, but Asuka counters and hits a shining wizard. Asuka pins but only gets a 2 count. Asuka gets on the top of Ember and locks in a choke. Ember Moon manages to reach her feet with Asuka on her back and tries for the ropes, but slowly begins to fall back to the mat, but she doesn’t quite and gets back to her feet, and falls back breaking Asuka’s lock.

Asuka tries for another hip attack, but Ember counters and hits a superkick. Both women are laid out on the mat as the ref checks on both of them. Both exchange and block a few kicks but Ember gets the neckbreaker. Ember hits a running dropkick to the head and lands a few kicks to the gut. Ember hits a fall-away slam and hits a corner clothesline. Ember tries for a rebound move, but Asuka stops her and hits a German Suplex on Ember giving her a 2 count pin.

Asuka begins slapping Ember around until Ember hits a discuss clothesline. Asuka goes for a spinning kick, but Ember stops her and hits a t-bone suplex. Ember climbs to the top rope looking for the finisher, and Asuka stops her, but Ember fights back and throws her off. She positions herself again, but Asuka grabs the ref and pushes him against the ropes taking Ember off them. Asuka lands a hard head kick and pins for the 3 count.

Winner: Asuka (retains)

AUDIENCE: Drew McIntyre (aka. Drew Galloway) at ringside for tonight’s NXT TakeOver: Orlando show… that’s interesting.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bobby Roode (c)
-NXT Championship-
Singles match

Prior to the beginning of the match, William Regal hands the new NXT championship to the ref. Again, this one is not that bad either.

The match begins and both men exchange a kick with one-another. Roode tries go behind, but Nakamura stops him with a neck lock. Both men go back and forth with some chain wrestling, with Nakamura taking Roode to the ropes and resting his head on his gut. Roode laughs at it and tells him that NXT is his now. He does a Glorious taunt, but Nakamura pushes him away with his leg. Roode finally goes on the attack, but Nakamura stops him with a few knees to the gut. He takes Roode to the corner and delivers a few more kicks and looks for the good vibrations, but Roode grabs his foot and pushes him away. Nakamura lands a side head kick and takes him to the corner again where he lands the good vibrations.

Roode rolls to the outside and Nakamura follows. He throws Roose into the barricade and rolls him into the ring. Roode stops Nakamura on the apron, and Nakamura tries for a suplex. Roode stops him, runs the ropes and hits Nakamura hard throwing him against the barricade. Roode moves to the outside and goes on the attack. Roode rolls Nakamura back into the ring and begins choking him on the ropes.

Roode takes Nakamura to the corner and stomps away on him as the ref counts to 4. He stomps on his again with the ref counting to 4 once again. Roode taunts “Glorious” to the audience and goes on the attack. He hits a few chest chops and throws Nakamura to the opposite corner. He lands a running clothesline and hits a neck breaker giving him a 2 count. Roode locks in a clavicle hold keeping Nakamura down riving in pain.

Nakamura manages to fight out, but Roode puts him back to the mat and delivers a dropping knee giving him a 2 count. Roode continues to wear down Nakamura by locking in a neck twist and yelling at a ref “common!” He gets another pin but only a 2 count. Roode right away locks another neck twist. Nakamura gets some momentum and gets to his feet. He pushes him off the ropes but Roode tries for the sleeper, Nakamura rolls him out and hits a kick to the back of Roode’s head.

Both men reach their feet and Nakamura begins landing some hard strikes. He hits a few punches and kicks to the chest and takes Roode to the corner. He lands a running knee to the gut, and hangs Roode over the top turnbuckle. He hits a knee to the gut, and dropkicks Roode to the outside of the ring. He lays Roode along the apron and hits a running knee to Roode’s head and jumps landing his knee to the back of Roode’s head. He rolls Roode back into the ring and pins for a close 2 count.

Nakamura looks for the exploder suplex, but Roode breaks out with a few elbows. He tries for a running move but Nakamura counters and runs the ropes. Roode counters and hits a HARD clothesline. Roode Takes Nakamura to the corner and hits a chest slaps. He tries for a running move but Nakamura connects a big boot and hits a running knee. Nakamura looks for his finisher but Roode steps out of the way and attacks Nakamura’s past “injured” knee. Roode attacks the knee with a few elbows and drags Nakamura to the corner driving his knee against the steel post.

Roode stomps on the leg in the ring and drives his knee into the back thigh. Roode slaps Nakamura and locks in the Figure-4-Leglock. Nakamura yells out in pain and tries to break the hold, but instead he tries to flip over to reverse the pressure, and eventually manages to do it. Roode breaks the hold and again goes on the attack on the knee.

As Roode was taking his time with the attacks Nakamura surprise him with a arm lock. Roode manages to break it, but gets transitioned into a Triangle hold. Roode almost breaks out of that as well, but Nakamura again transitions back into the arm lock. Roode slowly inches to the ropes and manages to making the ref break the hold. Nakamura gets to his feet angry and delivers hard aggressive kicks to Roode’s body and head. Nakamura lays Roode over the top turnbuckle again and tries for another knee, but Roode moves out of the way taking Nakamura’s knee into the turnbuckle.

Roode tries to stretch out his arm on the outside and climbs back into the ring. He delivers a few shots to Nakamura’s back and grabs his leg. Nakamura begins kicking Roode in the arm over and over again. Roode ducks one of the kicks and hits a back stabber giving him a 2 count pin.

Both men, exhausted stare off in the middle of the ring as they reach their feet. They begin exchanging punches. Roode looks to hit his DDT, but Nakamura counters with a knee. He hits a face front suplex and lands a running knee to Roode giving him a 2 count pin. Nakamura calls for his finisher but Roode uses his brain and rolls to the outside. Nakamura follows and rolls Roode back in and as he’s climbing into the ring, Roode kicks the middle rope giving him a low blow and hits his Glorious DDT. Bobby pins but Nakamura kicks out at 2.

Roode not believing that Nakamura kicked out, climbs to the outside of the ring and grabs the ringside bell. The ref argues with Roode and grabs the bell pulling it away from Roode. Bobby turns around to a hard kick from Nakamura. He hits his exploder suplex and tries for his finisher but Roode catches him into a spinebuster and pin for a very close 2 count.

Roode struggle to get Nakamura to his feet for the DDT, but Nakamura pushes Roode into the corner and drives his shoulder into the gut. Nakamura tries for a running move, but Roode drives his shoulder into Nakamura’s knee. Bobby Roode climbs to the second rope, and holding Nakamura jumps and transitions into his Glorious DDT and pins for the 3 count win.

Winner: Bobby Roode (retains)

What are your thoughts on the show, and the new belts?

Thanks for reading guys.

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