ROH Supercard of Honor 2017 Live Coverage


Hey folks! It’s Jack Wannan here. I will be doing coverage for Supercard of Honor XI tonight! Make sure to check back to this post throughout the night for updates.

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6:00PM: Show starts in 30 minutes! Sit tight, because the coverage is just around the corner.

6:30PM: Here we go with our first match, Adam Cole versus Marty Scurll for the ROH TV Championship!

Adam Cole vs Marty Scurll (ROH TV Championship Match)

At the start of the match, the two almost shake hands, but Marty kicks Adam’s hand away. The two grapple and trade taunts, but Adam Cole strikes the first move with a Shining Wizard. It got a kickout. A minute later Marty brings Cole outside the ring and chops him throughout the area. Marty uses the chop many, many times during this match. The two continue to trade blows, with Adam Cole hitting “Last Shot”, only to get a 2 count.

Cole jumps off the second rope and eats a European Uppercut, and Adam responds with a Superkick. Scurll plays possum and hits Cole with his own Superkick. Marty calls for his Chicken Wing for the first time in this match, but Cole hears it and avoids it. The two trade numerous rounds of kicks, with Cole hitting a Package Piledriver in attempt an to end the match. Marty kicks out at 2 and a half.

Marty hits his own Piledriver but Cole kicks out. The crowd erupts after the kickout. The Villian snaps many fingers, goes for a Gotch Style Piledriver to get a kickout. He follows that up with a Chickenwing. The Chickenwing was the final nail in the Adam Cole coffin, because Scurll won the match and retained the belt.

6:55PM: Marty Scurll def. Adam Cole to retain the ROH TV Title

6:56PM: The Kingdom vs Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser

The Kingdom come out to the ring and cut a promo. They would be defending their titles if the third member of their group, TK O’Ryan wasn’t injured. Before the match starts, The Beer City Bruiser spits beer all over their opponents.

When the bell rings, the two teams decide to brawl outside the ring. After The Kingdom both dive to the outside, the fight gets brought back inside the ring. Silas Young and Matt Taven trade slaps in the ring, to the extent where I felt the pain.

The Beer City Brusier did a front flip onto Taven outside the ring, which was very impressive. Silas Young wins the match when Vinny takes Bruiser’s cigar, lights it and tries to stab Silas with it. Silas hits him with Misery, and pins him while finishing the Cigar.

7:11PM: Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser def. The Kingdom

7:13PM: Hangman Page, Tama Tonga and Tanga Roa (Bullet Club) vs The Briscoes and Bully Ray (ROH 6-Man Championship Match)

Our next match is the second contest for championship gold. To be exact, three belts. 6-Man tag team action is up next!

As this match was getting started, Kevin Kelly mentioned that the crowd tonight is the biggest crowd in Ring of Honor history. Good job Lakeland!

The whole idea going into this match was that Bully Ray trained the Guerillas of Destiny, and that this match is very teacher versus trainer. I liked how it was emphasized during this match. Bully Ray did a cross body onto the Bullet Club, which got a big pop from the crowd. The Bully Ray trio calls for everyone to “get the tables!”. A ECW chant erupts. No tables are successfully brought out.

Everyone is flying in and out of the ring, trading moves and such. Bully Ray helps a Briscoe do a double Doomsday Device, then a two man 3-D is performed on GOD for the win.

7:32PM: The Briscoes and Bully Ray def. Hangman Page, Tama Tonga and Tonga Roa to retain the ROH 6-Man Titles

7:36PM: Jay Lethal vs Cody (Texas Bullrope Match)

Our next match is a Texas Bullrope Match. This is the first time I have watched this type of match live, so this will be interesting. Jay Lethal walks out to the ring with a Cowboy hat on.

For anyone who is not aware of what the Texas Bullrope Match is, it’s a match where one arm of each competitor is tied to a rope. Theoretically, wrestlers can’t flee from the match. Oh yeah, there is also a cowbell in the middle of the rope that can be utilized.

Speaking of the cowbell, it was first used when Lethal bashed it on Cody’s head. Lethal then drags the rope into a post, making Cody’s head hit the post. Seems odd that the wrestler with much less family history in cowbell matches is dominating. After that last move, Cody gets up and a huge cut on his head is shown. Lethal tries to make a cut worse by grinding the corner of the cowbell on his head. In badass fashion, Lethal then smears some of the blood on his shirt.

Cody starts to make a comeback with multiple strikes. Lethal superkicks Cody, then tries for the Lethal Injection. The Lethal Injection did not work because when he did a flip on the ropes, Cody just yanked him with the rope. It looked nasty.

Cody is looking for a weapon outside the ring. He takes out a face mask, which was a callback to an old WWE gimmick of his, but then pulls out a table. The table gets set up, but not used. Cody hits a Springboard Dropkick. Cody puts Jay in the Figure 4, but Jay ends the hold by bashing Cody with a cowbell.

I’ve been absolutely loving this match so far. It’s certainly been the slowest match on the show, but that’s a good thing. This match needed that pace.

But back to the match at hand, Jay Lethal gets up on the top rope, but he gets thrown to the outside and through the table that was set up earlier. Back in the ring, Cody kicks Lethal in the balls, hits a kick off the ropes, then hits a Cross Rhodes but still gets a kickout. Cody pulled all of the big cards out but Lethal still kicked out.

Out of frustration, Cody put Lethal on the top rope, hit him on top of his head with a rope, then tries for a Superplex. Cody gets pushed off the top rope instead, and Lethal hits an armdrop. Not really sure what happened, but Lethal got more of that armdrop. He reverses a move of Cody’s, then successfully hits the Lethal Injection for the win.

8:00PM: Jay Lethal def. Cody Rhodes in a Texas Cowbell Match

After the match, Jay Lethal extends his hand to Cody. The defeated Cody, handed him the cowbell and rope.

8:04PM: Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara vs The Rebellion vs Motor City Machine Guns

It wouldn’t be a Ring Of Honour show without a multi-team tag match. These action packed matches are always a ball to witness.

The Motor City Machine Guns are the most dominant team at the start of the match. But it is so easy to lose momentum in a match like this. Cheeseburger does a hot tag at one point in this match. He does corner chops on Rhett Titus, but Titus feels no effect from it. Later on Rhett does his Big Dog Splash on Cheeseburger.

Will Ferrara does a dive to the outside later on in the match, but Shane Taylor dodges the dive and basically swats Will down. The Motor City Machine Guns hit what looked like a double team piledriver on Cheeseburger for the win.

8:17: Motor City Machine Guns def. Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara, and The Rebellion

I really wasn’t feeling this match. It had no rhyme or reason. An iPPV match should have some rhyme or reason. WWE almost never throws a match on a PPV just for the fun of it. Anyways, that’s the match.

8:20PM: Punishment Martinez vs Frankie Kazarian

After thew match, Will Ferrara is scolding Cheeseburger. Will runs away when Punishment Martinez comes in from the ramp. Martinez kicks Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger flees, and Will stays out there because his match is next.

Punishment was seemingly cosplaying as Shinsuke Nakamura tonight. Kazarian hit what I thought was an amazing move during this match. Martinez was on the apron, Kaz launched him over using the ropes then RKO’d him. But Martinez kicked out at 0. Hangman Page ran out to the ring at one point tonight and distracted Kaz, which let Martinez do a Chokeslam for the win.

8:26PM: Punishment Martinez def. Frankie Kazarian

I hated the finish for this match. I didn’t really care about this match in the first place, but after that we got a pretty lazy finish to the match.

8:28: The show is at an intermission, more updates to come.

8:37PM: Bobby Fish comes to the ring in ring gear, despite not being announce for the show. He picks up a mic and starts to cut a promo. As he was talking, Silas Young comes out. Silas talks trash, and Fish challenges him to a match. Silas runs in the ring, the bell goes and we are underway.

8:41PM: Bobby Fish vs Silas Young

I don’t mean to complain because it’s been a pretty good show so far, but the whole 8 o’clock slot has felt like an episode of ROH TV, not an iPPV. This would have been a sick segment to have on a TV episode, but instead it’s been put on the iPPV.

Anyways. The ref takes a bump outside the ring. Silas was about to use a chair, but Todd Sinclair comes out as the new ref. Young shoves Sinclair, DQ’ing him from the match.

8:44PM: Bobby Fish def. Silas Young via DQ

But the fight didn’t end there. Bobby speared Silas through the ropes, then speared him into a barricade. Bobby was going to spinebuster Silas through two chairs, but Silas reverses and does the Spinebuster. Security eventually arrives and that ends the brawl.

8:47PM: Dragon Lee and Jay White vs Will Ospreay and Volador Jr. 

This match should be good. Dragon Lee teams up with Jay White to face Will Ospreay and Volador Jr. Ospreay and White start in the ring. The two do some very good combos to start off the match. Dragon Lee and Volador Jr. both tag after some good exchanges between Will and Jay. Dragon Lee did the first dive of the match, after a fast Hurricanrana.

As usual, Ospreay performed amazingly. He did some flippy thing on Dragon Lee that was so fast that even when they replayed it in slow motion, I still couldn’t even figure out what it was. Everyone in this match traded dives, which included Ospreay’s flippy dive that he loves to do. When he dove though, he was caught and slammed onto the apron. Ouch. Ospreay also hit a “Spanish Fly” on Jay White later on in the match.

Jay White was standing on the top rope, when Volador Jr hit a hurricanrana off the rop rope for the win.

Listen, tons of other great stuff happened in this match, and I was absolutely loving it. There is no way that I would be able to cover the whole thing. It was so fast. But anyways, this has for sure been one of the top matches so far tonight.

9:06PM: Will Ospreay and Volador Jr def. Dragon Lee and Jay White

9:09PM: Dalton Castle vs Christopher Daniels (ROH World Championship)

Dalton Castle, alongside “The Boys”, is ready to face Christopher Daniels for the ROH Championship. For quite a long time in this match, the two traded taunts and small moves. The match does eventually get down to the nitty gritty though. Daniels did a springboard dive to the outside, but landed on The Boys instead of Dalton. Dalton then dives to the outside onto Daniels.

Back in the ring, Daniels hits the Blue Thunder Bomb and gets a 2 count. Daniels puts Castle in a Koji Clutch. Castle survives it, and gets out of the hold by standing up while still being in the hold. Badass. The two chain wrestled for a while, until Daniels hit a rollup pin for the win. But it wasn’t just a roll-up, he kicked Dalton’s quad, which weakened him for the pin. The crowd was pretty quiet for the finish of this match. I can’t say I loved it, but it was an okay match.

9:31PM: Christopher Daniels def. Dalton Castle and retains the ROH World Championship

After the match, Cody comes to the ring and attacks Dalton and Daniels. He hits a Cross Rhodes on Daniels, then grabs the World Title. Kazarian comes in and Cody flees.

9:36PM: The Young Bucks vs The Hardys (Ladder Match) (ROH World Tag Team Championship Match)

Here we go. It’s our biggest match of the evening. The Young Bucks fight to get the ROH Tag Belts back, but they have to get the belts back from BROKEN Matt Hardy, and Brother Nero. Not only that, this is a ladder match.

The brawl starts when the Hardys clank the custom Young Buck Superkick belts, throw them away and say “delete!”. Early on in the match a double Superkick gets reversed into a double Twist of Fate by the Hardys. The Hardys take the first ladder out. The Young Bucks do a double dive to the outside. While the Hardys are resting outside the ring, The Young Bucks set up two ladders and both start to climb. The Hardys stop them.

The Young Bucks were on a roll in this match. Nick Jackson did a 450 Splash to the outside through a table that Jeff Hardy was on. After that, Matt Hardy was battling Matt Jackson at the top of a ladder. He punches him enough that Matt Hardy falls off. Both of the Young Bucks take him and slam him into a corner of the ring.

The Hardys double teamed and did an “Inverted Wheelbarrow” to a Jackson through a ladder. Matt Jackson did a Springboard Tornado DDT onto Jeff Hardy on the apron. Jeez, this looked like it killed Jeff. Jeff got put on a table after that. Later on, Nick Jackson got pushed off a ladder, but sprung off the ropes, then went through the table that Jeff was on. The crowd erupted for that. A spot was done after where all four competitors got on a ladder, and all of them battled up there. People eventually fell off the ladders, but the last person left on the ladders, Matt Jackson, was pushed off by Matt Hardy. He got pushed to outside the ring, through 2 tables. This spot literally made me shout. Not kidding.

Matt Jackson runs at Matt Hardy, gets thrown outside the ring, and goes through another table. Jeff gets thrown outside the ring into a table, and Matt Hardy throws Nick through a table. Table frenzy!

The final spot of the match was everyone on ladders again, with the Hardys being thrown off their ladder. Once they got thrown off their ladder, The Young Bucks were in the clear to get the titles. And they did just that. That ended the battle! I absolutely loved it, and I think it was a great way to end off the show.

10:10PM: The Young Bucks def. The Hardys to retain the Tag Titles

After the match, the Hardys say that the Young Bucks are the best tag team that they have ever faced. They continue to cut a promo, saying that the tag team division is safe with the Young Bucks. It was a passing of the torch, and I loved it.

That wraps up the Supercard of Honor coverage!

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