Top Star Says His WrestleMania Match May Be Off

Chris Jericho is notorious for spreading fake stories when it comes to April Fools day, for example last year he told fans he shaved his head and even shared a picture of him with no hair, which ended up not being true. So this year wouldn’t be any different.

He posted the following pic on his Instagram earlier today revealing that he “tore up” his ankle while training and that WWE doctors have said his match tomorrow against Kevin Owens would be off. To be fair, Jericho hasn’t revealed yet if this is a true or not, but it’s highly suspicious and “well timed.”

UPDATE: As a side note, this picture Jericho posted is actually the first picture that shows up if you google “bruised ankle.” So it appears his match is still on… dam you Jericho. LOL

See his post below:

As noted, Jericho is expected to begin touring with his band Fozzy following WrestleMania and will be taking time away from WWE.

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