Jim Ross Talks Returning To WWE & His Late Wife, Jan.

WWE hall of famer, Jim Ross was recently interviewed by ESPN and spoke about coming back to WWE, losing his wife Jan & more. Here are some highlights:

Coming Back To WWE:

“She [Jan] and I started to talk about this weekend a long time ago. She was excited about the potential of me rejoining the WWE. She always believed that was our home. She had great friends and great relationships there from Vince and Linda, right on down. They loved her, especially Linda. Linda McMahon was one of my wife’s big heroes. I know Jan had done ample shopping because we had been invited to go to the Hall of Fame so we could walk the red carpet. She was really, really excited about that. Her other wish was to hear me get introduced and hear, ‘Boomer Sooner.’ Maybe she will.”

WWE talent knowing his wife Jan:

“So many of them knew my wife and many of them reached out endlessly in the last 10 days which has really been cool. They knew Jan well. When we’d have someone come off the road to Stamford to do stuff, we’d have them over. Steve Austin came there a lot and I think that’s where we bonded. He’d come in and bring his gear and he’d say, ‘Can I use your washer and dryer?’ Well, she wouldn’t let him use the washer and dryer, she just did his laundry, but she did that for others and she cooked. It was a female voice to talk to that cared. So as the ‘coach’s wife,’ she was the star of the team, much more than me, she was the star of the team.”

“I want to believe and I have no reason not believe that it’s going to feel good. I have seen my friends here and they’re my extended family. I spent 21 years with that company. I’d like to think Jan and I played a small part in helping retool the publicly traded WWE after staving off bankruptcy and some bad financial problems that we all battled through. It would be very cathartic. She wanted to go shopping and wear her good threads on the Hall of Fame red carpet, and she wanted to hear the crowd reaction if I got to come down to call a match. We can’t do anything about the Hall of Fame and the red carpet, but maybe we can do something about the other.”

Watch the interview here.

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