Early WWE Raw Preview For April 3, 2017

(Partial article & images sourced from WWE.com)

After handing The Undertaker a stunning defeat in the main event of WrestleMania, Roman Reigns officially holds dominion over the yard The Phenom had once called his own. What awaits The Big Dog on his first night after accomplishing the monumental feat? Tune into USA Network live at 8/7 C.

“It’s my yard now”

Don’t say he didn’t warn you: Roman Reigns promised for weeks that he would defeat The Undertaker and assume command of The Phenom’s “yard.” And that’s exactly what he did, handing The Deadman only his second loss in over 25 years of WrestleMania matches. That puts The Big Dog in a position only one other Superstar – the current reigning Universal Champion – has found himself in. But what will the former WWE Champion set his eye on now that he has accomplished the unthinkable?

Bow down to the Kingslayer

Hardy homecoming

The List of Owens

Champion of the Universe



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