WWN Issues Statement Following Website Hack Attack During WrestleMania Weekend

Source: PWinsider.com

Based on reports, the WWN website went down last Friday during the live stream of the first-ever PROGRESS Wrestling event int eh United States. WWE’s hosting company ‘Lightcast’ issued the following statement explaining what happened:

On Friday, March 31, the website WWNLIVE was targeted by a strategic hack attack, bombarding the website with millions of invalid requests from numerous server locations worldwide. The servers kept changing constantly which increased defense efforts for over 90 minutes. After 25 minutes the first users were able to get back onto the site and the majority of attacks had been fended off after 70 minutes, allowing most valid connections back through to the website. In the meantime the site has undergone major changes and has upgraded security systems in place. Such attacks are rare, but unfortunately not entirely uncommon in our times. Too many hackers are available for hire and too many skilled developers have too much time at their hands. While it is certain that it was a strategic and planned incident, the motives are entirely unclear. It could be anything from an exercise, to a demo project of a hack group for sale, strive for recognition within certain hacker circles, to mere business strategy. One thing we know: the website is hosted on servers capable of handling multiples of the user traffic seen this past weekend and has the maximum security level in place which still allows full functionality of the website.

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