Adam Cole Says He Would Sign With WWE Over iMPACT! Wrestling & Starting Out In NXT

Adam Cole was recently interviewed by Stone Cold Steve Austin for the “Steve Austin Show” and spoke on several subjects. Once subject was coming to WWE and where he would prefer to compete in the company.

Here are some highlights:

Signing with iMPACT! Wrestling or WWE:

“Well, obviously for me, right now, everybody knows I’m contracted to Ring Of Honor and I’m over with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, so I’m really happy there. But as far as if I had to pick, and this is no knock on TNA, but I’ve said this before, multiple times. If I were to sit here, Steve, and tell you that I don’t want to have a WrestleMania moment someday, I’d be lying to you. I fell in love with pro wrestling because of WWE, so, of course, someday, if I have a chance to go, whatever that timing may be, I think that’s something I’d definitely like to do in my career. So yeah, if I had to pick where I’d like to end up, strictly based on what made me a fan of pro wrestling, and where I’d eventually like to end up, it’s WWE for me.”

On going straight to the main roster or working in NXT prior to call-up:

“Yeah, hypothetically, if I were to go to WWE, I would like to go to NXT first, the reason being is I think, first of all, that entire system looks like a blast to me, the fans, the entire adjusting to that style, that product, continuing to find myself in the actual WWE system, and I think on top of that, the comfortability of starting in a place like NXT and potentially succeeding in a place like NXT would give me a lot of confidence if I were to go to RAW or SmackDown. I think the perfect idea, obviously, NXT is not the place I’d want to be my entire career. I’d of course want to get on the main roster, but the idea of starting in NXT, developing Adam Cole in WWE NXT, and then, going to a RAW or SmackDown, would be my ideal scenario.”

Check out the interview here. 

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