Justin Roberts Says He Would Get In Trouble For Exciting The WWE Audience Too Much

During a recent interview with Hannibal TV during WrestleMania weekend, former WWE Announcer Justin Roberts spoke about how he would get in trouble for “popping the crowd” too much.

Here’s what he had to say:

Not “popping the crowd” too much:

“I love that rush. Unfortunately, I used to get in trouble if I popped the crowd too much. So, you want to go out there and say ‘good evening’ and get the crowd into it, but at the same time you can’t do it too much, I couldn’t do it too much or I would get in trouble. So, it was always a weird feeling of wanting to pop the crowd, but at the same time knowing that my bosses didn’t want that, so doing it within the limits and kind of took away some of the fun and excitement. But still got to do it and still announce and get the reaction.”

Getting in trouble for getting the WWE audience too excited:

“I used to get in trouble because I was always told that the crowd had so many pops in them and I shouldn’t be wasting pops with my announcements. Like when I used to start a show I would say ‘good evening, Chicago,’ or whatever town we were in, and that got taken away, so then it would be like ‘good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome’ and try not to get the crowd excited because the crowd only had so many pops in them.”

Here’s the interview below:

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