Renee Young & Dean Ambrose Are Married!

Renee Young & Dean Ambrose are officially married apparently.

Renee Young announced on her Twitter account this morning that the two are now in fact married after it was exposed on an episode of Talking Smack last night. It appears that the couple didn’t want the information to go public as they kept it silent. The segment where it was revealed was from Kevin Owens, when he congratulated Renee and almost used “wedding.” He said:

“By the way, congratulations. You know why I’m saying congratulations? Right? Am I…is this a thing?”

Shane McMahon would stop Owens and said that they weren’t talking about that. Young would genuinely look upset and uncomfortable following the statement and quickly transitioned to another topic:

“Congratulations on you coming here to SmackDown, that’s what we need to be talking about,” Young said.

Dolph Ziggler would also tease her marriage later when he asked Renee what was on her fingers, referring to the ring. It should also be noted that Ambrose was wearing his ring during his math with Kevin Owens on Raw.

Following the Talking Smack segment, fans took to social media congratulating Young and Ambrose, which prompted Young to pretty much come out with it :

Here’s the segment in question:

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