Wrestling Fan Creates A “Fire Roman Reigns!” Petition

It’s petition galore these days.

As reported, there are fans who have started two petitions following Braun Strowman attacking Roman Reigns. One petition was for Braun Strowman to get fired, while another was to give him a raise.

Well it appears that fans have developed another petition, but this one is to fire Roman Reigns…. just because… The description reads:

Roman Reigns is a lame ass wanna-be wrestler, I don’t get it why WWE keep taunting us fans with “Make Roman Look Strong” thing.

We don’t like Roman Reigns, Fans all around the world booed their guts out, still WWE pushed him and booked him to defeat The Legend himself “The Undertaker”. Now the fans are more pissed than ever..

But Roman Reigns is still there acting like he deserves this.
This BS needs to be stopped.

Sincerely, a wrestling fan.

At this time the petition has 1,854 supporters and is nearing their goal of 2,500.


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