Big E Officiating Weddings – Talks What Led To This Idea

Big E took to twitter and revealed that he is officiating weddings in Los Angeles. Here’s is his tweet:

Big E would speak to about his new role and where he got the idea for it.

WWE.COM: So, what led to you offering yourself up as a wedding officiant?

I recently learned that I would have a lot of time off. I really don’t do well with a lot of idle time. A couple of weeks ago, we just had WrestleMania, which kept me really busy. Then, we had about six days off, which was fitting, and then TV.

I’m ready to work. I don’t do well with idle time. My head was spinning, thinking “What am I going to do with all these days off?” I don’t really want to take a vacation. I’m bored just being in the house. I think I was talking about it in the locker room, [and] I actually have to give all credit to Enzo Amore. He came up with this idea. As soon as I heard it, I thought “This is kind of ridiculous, but kind of phenomenal, as well.” So, I gave it some thought, ran it by a couple of my friends, got their feedback. I couldn’t really think of a reason not to do it and got even more excited about the prospect.

WWE.COM: What excites you the most about this?

It’s one of those things that’s absurd and random, but also delightful and heartwarming in its own way. Why not? I just booked my flight to LA; I’ll be there for a week. The cool thing is I’ll get to see some friends, do some things I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Then, I’ll also get to, hopefully, marry a few couples.

Check out the entire interview here.

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