Tyler Breeze Comments On Fan’s Criticizing WWE And How They Handle Certain Talents

Current Smackdown Live talent Tyler Breeze spoke to The Des Moines Register to promote Tuesday’s Smackdown Live broadcast.

During the interview Tyler spoke on his Fashion Police gimmick with Fandango, and fan criticism over how WWE is handling him.

His “Fashion Police” Gimmick With Fandango:

“The best part about it is, people like it,” Breeze said. “People care about it and it’s building. People are showing up to our events hoping to see us, which is exactly what you want when you work for WWE. I don’t really see us stopping anytime soon because there’s still some Smackdown Live tag titles that we have our eyes on.”

Regarding fan’s criticizing WWE for how they utilize certain talents:

“This is something a lot of people like to talk about,” Breeze said. “When you’re here and you’re a part of the WWE, it’s bigger than what actually happens. Smackdown Live is a two-hour show. Fortunately we have such a talented roster that there’s only so many minutes and sometimes you’re not always going to be the one to get those minutes. It’s just a matter of time. The people’s voices are heard, and if they want to see Breezango, they’re going to get it. They just have to be patient.”

Make sure to check out the entire interview here. 


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