Jeff & Karen Jarrett Involved In Argument With Bob Ryder Backstage During TV Tapings


Based on reports, there was backstage incident between Jeff and Karen Jarrett & Bob Ryder during the iMPACT Wrestling tapings on Sunday, from Orlando, FL. Many believed after the heated argument between them that it could have been Ryder’s last moments with the company.

The incident occurred during the final segments of the tapings when Karen Jarrett approached Bob Ryder and began to argue with him regarding the booking of the hotel room. The argument was described as a “dressing down” be Karen who would walk away shortly after. Shortly after Jeff Jarrett would address Ryder and an argument between the two would begin. Jeff loudly confronted Bob and told him to “not wait” until the show ended and have him leave the event. Ryder would pack his bags and leave not completing his work. Ryder would reportedly have another argument with Jeff and Karen as he was getting in his car.

Many people assumed that Ryder was either fired or quit following the incident. However, Ryder was back to work in the company’s Nashville offices the next day and it is believed that everything has been settled down between both parties. Impact Wrestling officials tried to keep the incident quiet claiming that the outburst was due to the pressures of producing for television. Other claim the incident was “as bad as you can imagine.” There is sympathy towards Ryder during the argument as he has been dealing with some health concerns in recent months, and many believe that this didn’t help.

For those who don’t know, Bob Ryder has been with Impact Wrestling (aka. TNA) since day 1, and has been in charge of bookings, talent relations, contracts and more.

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