Big E Talks About Officiating His First Wedding

WWE Superstar Big E officiated his first wedding in Los Angeles. interviewed him once again and spoke about his experiences from the wedding.


Since the last interview, you were still sorting through emails, how many weddings have you done so far?

We just did one. I think the biggest issue was there was such a small window to be able to perform these weddings. I gave people pretty much three days, in one specific town, with not much heads up. So, we ended up settling on one. They seemed like a great fit, the time worked out and they seemed excited about it. So, Joseph and Brisa were the couple we went with.

Were there nerves on your part about officiating your first wedding?

I wouldn’t say nerves as much as uncertainty, because it’s something I’ve never done before. Its new to me and I didn’t know what to expect. That and wanting to do a good job and wanting them to be pleased with the outcome. You only, hopefully, have one wedding. But, as soon as I arrived and met them, I was excited. I was really impressed with them as people and the arrangement and how they thought things through. It ended up being perfect.

How was the Ceremony?

I married them in Grand Park, just outside a courthouse there. I thought the venue was going to be inside, but it was on the steps outside. Around the time we started, the sun started coming down, which ended up being really beautiful. They had about a dozen friends and family present. They made a banner that said “WeddingMania – Big E Rocks!” with a unicorn and the pink and blue we wore for so long. It was pretty cool.

Did you add anything to the ceremony that put a spin on it?

A little bit. I did have some stuff written that was a bit more of my shtick. But Joseph emailed a template and I thought it was beautiful. The big thing for me was I didn’t want to make it about me. I wanted to celebrate their union and be respectful of that. They had a poem that they both really enjoyed that I read, which was sweet. I threw a little of my stuff in at the beginning – “AWWW, WEDDING PARTY!” – but for the most part, I stuck to honoring the seriousness of two people getting married.

Check out the entire interview here. 

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