Cesaro Comments On The Hardy Boyz WWE Return & Changing The Landscape, Plus More

WWE superstar Cesaro, recently did an interview with Planeta Wrestling and talked on several subject.

Here are some highlights:

The Hardy Boyz returning to WWE and changing the current landscape:

“I think the Tag Team division changed once me and Sheamus entered it. We’re two of the best competitors in the WWE and certainly make the best tag team. The Hardy Boys coming back, it’s great for a nostalgia factor, and it’s great because they’re still tremendous competitors, but come Payback I want to bring back those tag team titles because I want to come back to Europe, home, as the tag team champions.”

Who Cesaro would like to get in the ring with:

“There’s a lot of guys that shook it up a little bit. I was hoping for a little more shakeup in the tag team division. I was hoping maybe The Usos or American Alpha would come over. Even with the guys who came to RAW, Miz, Dean Ambrose, I’ve been in the ring with them before and I’d like to get in the ring with them again.”

Check out the interview below:

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