Renee Young Talks About Her Marriage To Dean Ambrose, How It Happened & More

Renee Young has finally broke her silence in a recent interview with E! Online, and spoke about her recent marriage to WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose.

Here are some highlights:

Story Behind the Ceremony:

“I wouldn’t even really say that we were engaged. We’ve been together for three and a half years and we knew that we wanted to have a Vegas wedding, because we live in Las Vegas we just figured we’d do it there and we’d just do it super low-key. We got our marriage license about six months ago when we were in Reno. There was a live event in Reno and I was there with him and we just happen to walk up to city hall and we went and got our marriage license then. So we’d been sitting on it so we could do this spur of the moment ‘hey let’s get married tonight’ kind of thing.”

Going to bed, and the idea of tieing the knot came up:

“We were going to bed! We were going to bed and he like busted out the ring and we were like, ‘Oh man I guess we should do this now.’ So we ended up going on Yelp and we found a 24-hour pastor to come to our backyard. It was so handy and his name was Pastor Pete and he lived around the corner from us, so he was there. They were very concerned by the way because it was 1 o’clock in the morning, so technically it was Sunday and they were very concerned about us calling, they were like, ‘Is everything OK? Have you guys been drinking? What’s happening?’ We’re like, ‘It’s fine, you can come down.’ So we had to get a witness and we called and woke up a friend of ours and got it done.”

Once fans realized both you and Dean were wearing rings, you sent out a tweet right away:

“I just wanted to get it out there,” Renee says. “Because the thing is the more you let people speculate on it people get very concerned about it. So I was like, ‘Let’s just put it out there, deal with it in a very simple, easy way.’ And it was great.”

You can read the entire interview here. 

MOC sends our best wishes to the couple.

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