Injury Update On Ember Moon

As reported, Ember Moon seemed to have suffered a potential elbow injury during the NXT TV tapings during her Battle Royal match to determine the new #1 contender for the NXT Women’s Championship. The injury occurred when Ember delivered a dive from the ring to ringside on the competitors. There was no indication if the injury at that time was legitimate or not, the only thing we were going off of was fans in attendance saying that Ember was crying and holding her elbow while ref and medics attended to her.

Earlier today, Natalya posted the following image on Twitter from the WWE Performance Center with many of the current NXT talents visiting with a fan who Natalya had befriended. On the left of the image Ember Moon can be seen sporting an arm brace on the reported elbow.

The injury can now be identified as being legitimate, but there is no word on the extent of the injury or if Ember would require additional time off.

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