Mauro Ranallo & WWE Officially Part Ways – WWE, Ranallo & JBL Issue Statement

Based on Smackdown Live announcer Mauro Ranallo has officially parted ways with the WWE .

In a statement to Newsweek, Ranallo clarifies that his departure from the company does not have anything to do with the reports of growing animosity with his on-air partner John “Bradshaw” Layfield. As reported, JBL has been accused by wrestling media and former employees of the company of bullying and being openly-hostile.

This is what Mauro had to say:

“WWE and I have mutually agreed to part ways. It has nothing to do with JBL,”

JBL’s recent allegations has led to fans tweeting and trending #FireJBL. Fans even went as far as to chant “Fire Bradshaw” during a recent edition of Smackdown Live in Boston. Reports go as far as to claim that Bradshaw played backstage pranks on others fellow co-workers and had his own group around him which would follow his actions.

JBL would release a statement to Newsweek:

“WWE addressed my behavior and I responded accordingly, yet my past is being brought up because of recent unfounded rumors. I apologize if anything I said playing ‘the bad guy’ on a TV show was misconstrued.”

WWE would also issue a statement in regards to the allegations of bullying:

“As part of our commitment to creating an inclusive environment, in April 2011, WWE launched our anti-bullying campaign, Be a STAR, which encourages young people to treat each other with tolerance and respect.

“As a publicly traded company, that mantra carries forward in our corporate culture. As such, we fully investigate any allegations of inappropriate behavior including the recent alleged situation with John Layfield (aka JBL), despite no formal complaint having been submitted.”

MOC wishes nothing but the best for Mauro Ranallo.

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