WWE Payback 2017 Live Coverage

Welcome to another live coverage article. Follow the timestamps on the article to stay updated. You know the drill.

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6:47PM: Pre-show will start soon! Check back soon for more updates!

7:00PM: The pre-show for WWE Payback is underway. Live from the SAP Centre, we get the team of Renee Young, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Sam Roberts guiding the kickoff show tonight.

The first discussion at the table is the House of Horrors match. Sam says that nobody has a clue what the match is, then asks Jerry if he knows. Jerry points out that due to his numerous divorces, he has lived in many houses.

Charly Caruso is in the Social Media lounge tonight. Later, she will interview Sheamus and Cesaro. If you want to ask them a question, use the hashtag #TagTeamTitles to do so.

7:07PM: The second match of discussion Owens versus Jericho. Roberts picks Owens to win the match and Jerry goes with Jericho.

7:08PM: After the break we see Sasha Banks at the kickoff desk. She is there to provide insight on the RAW Women’s Division. She is a big advocate for Bayley. Banks and Roberts pick Bayley to win the match later tonight but Lawler goes for Bliss.

7:16PM: Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

We head to the ring for our first match tonight. The team at the commentary table tonight is Corey Graves, Michael Cole and Booker T. Our kickoff match is Enzo and Cass versus Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

When we go to our first break Anderson and Gallows have complete control in the match. When we come back from the break, Enzo tries for a hot tag. The tag misses, and he gets thrown back in the ring. He tries again for the tag but this time Gallows pulled Cass off the apron. On the third attempt Enzo finally tags Cass in. Cass hits a big slam to Gallows, and follows it up with an Empire Elbow. He then hits two splashes, with the third attempt dodged by Gallows.

Gallows tags Anderson in, and Enzo tags in too. All four are in the ring, when Cass Big Boots Gallows out of the ring, then Enzo does a rollup on Anderson for the win.

7:29PM: Enzo Amore and Big Cass def. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

7:32PM: Time for the Social Media Lounge featuring Cesaro and Sheamus. Their first question is “What is your strategy tonight”. Their response is “winning!”. Another question is “Shesaro who is the better athlete”. Shesaro, is a combination of their names. They both disagree on the question. That wraps up the Social Media Lounge.

7:41PM: It is announced that the House of Horrors match will be a No Holds Barred match that starts in Bray’s House of Horrors then eventually gets to the ring.

7:44PM: As announced on Monday, another episode of MizTV premiers on the pre-show tonight. That segment is next. The guest tonight is Finn Balor. Miz does not waste much time to introduce Finn Balor. When Miz gets on the mic, he shows frustration, calling Balor’s entrance “5 minutes long”.

Miz asks what it takes to be in the “Balor Club”. Miz asks if himself and Maryse could be in the Balor Club. Finn asks the crowd, but the crowd boo’s. The conversation then finds itself discussing the Universal Championship. Balor says he will get it back, despite the emphasis that Miz put on Brock being the current champ. Balor says that on every MizTV episode he gets beat up, but Balor says he isn’t worth being beat up this time. Miz doesn’t like that Balor is leaving with his music and all, so Balor comes back and hits him with a Swingblade. That ends the segment. PPV starts at the top of the hour.

8:01PM: The PPV is officially underway. We get a hype video then pyro to kick off this show. After that we head to the ring for our first match.

8:05PM: Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens (United States Championship Match)

Chris Jericho versus Kevin Owens for the United States Championship is our first match on the PPV. When the bell rings, Kevin Owens immediately runs outside the ring. Jericho chases after him, starting his attack outside the ring. Later on Owens hits a Senton to Jericho to get a two count. Owens is very relentless on Jericho for the majority of the match. Jericho starts a comeback with chops. He brings Owens to the corner and rains down with even more chops. In the corner goes Owens again, but this time he responds with a Superkick. Later on Jericho tries for a Lionsault but Owens reverses it. Owens then hits a Cannonball in the corner, only to get a 2 count afterwards.

Owens then tries for a Pop-up Powerbomb, but Jericho reverses it into the Walls of Jericho. Owens makes it to the rope using one finger. Out of frustration, Jericho stomps the finger off the rope. He brings Owens outside the ring and puts his arm between the steel stairs and the post, then stomps the stairs. Back in the ring, Jericho tries for the Walls again. Owens taps out, then Jericho wins the match.

8:22PM: Chris Jericho def. Kevin Owens to become the new US Champion

During ad break, the WWE Shop mentions that if you buy two shirts, the third is free. So if you want to buy some shirts, do it tonight.

8:27PM: Austin Aries vs Neville (Cruiserweight Championship Match)

Our match from the Cruiserweight Division tonight is second on the card. Austin Aries gets his second shot at Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship. Aries has lots of momentum in the match, but loses a lot of it when Neville dropkicks a rope that he was standing on, making him lose his balance and fall. Crowd reacts very well to this match. So far in the show the crowd has done a good job.

Aries hits his elbow to the neck of Neville, but gets a two count from it. Aries hits a Suicide Dive on Neville and goes for a pin afterwards, but gets a two count once again. Moments later, Aries hits the Last Chancery, but Neville pulls the ref to end the hold. The ref is very angry, and calls the match. Aries wins, but doesn’t win the title.

8:42PM: Austin Aries def. Neville (VIA DQ) 

8:47PM: Sheamus and Cesaro vs The Hardy Boyz (RAW Tag Team Championship Match)

The Hardy’s face Sheamus and Cesaro as the next match on the PPV. Early in the show Jeff gets thrown outside the ring and lands flat on the floor. Jeff is okay though, and stays in the match. The commentary team mentions that Jeff lost a tooth during the match. He gains momentum by diving on both Sheamus and Cesaro, then hot tags to Matt.

Matt hits the side effect at the end of the hot tag. Sheamus breaks up the pin, but Jeff deals with Sheamus outside the ring. Matt gets reversed in the ring. He goes for a swing then gets put in the Sharpshooter. He escapes with the help of Jeff ringside. Matt gets thrown into the corner but reverses a move with a kick. Cesaro hits him with an uppercut then tags in Sheamus to hits a White Noise off the top rope. He goes for the pin but Jeff breaks it up. Outside the ring Cesaro gets thrown over the barricade.

Back in the ring Matt dodges a Brouge Kick. Sheamus pins Matt but little does he know, Jeff tagged in. While the pin is happening, Jeff hits him with a Swanton Bomb for the win.

After the match the two teams shake hands. As The Hardy’s continue to celebrate, Sheamus and Cesaro attack them. Matt Hardy gets Brouge Kicked while being held back by Cesaro.

9:01PM: The Hardy Boyz def. Sheamus and Cesaro 

9:07PM: Alexa Bliss vs Bayley (RAW Women’s Championship Match)

It is now time for the RAW Women’s Championship match. San Jose is Bayley’s hometown, so she got a very warm reaction tonight. Mid-way through the match Bayley hits a very nice side-suplex for a two count. Bayley is then rolling and setting up for a Bayley-to-belly, but Alexa throws her into the corner as a reversal. Alexa is on the top rope and hits a Sunset Flip for a kickout.

Later on Bayley goes for a pin but when Alexa kicks out, Bayley goes head first into a post. Bayley then tries for a small package. Alexa reverses that into a DDT. That ended it for Bayley. Alexa Bliss is the new RAW Women’s Champion.

9:24PM: Alexa Bliss def. Bayley to become new RAW Women’s Champion

9:30PM: Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt (House of Horrors Match)

It is time for the much anticipated House of Horrors match. The “House of Horrors” starts with a clip of Randy Orton exiting a limo, and walking into a house that is tinted blue by light. Randy says “What the hell”. He spots a flickering light through a window in the second floor of the house. A tractor starts moving by itself. Orton continues to slowly walk towards this building. He gets to the door and looks through a window. He sees someone in the house.

He kicks the door open and runs inside. This run down, cob-webbed house is very dark and smoky. From behind Orton comes Bray. Bray starts attacking Orton. He is destroying various parts of the house by throwing Orton into it. Bray disapears for a moment. Orton tries walking away, but an arm chokes him through a wall. Orton then enters a room with tons of dolls hanging from the ceiling. Freaky music is playing alongside the cinematics of the dolls. Bray jumps Orton again, throwing him into a wall. Orton is begging for help at this point.

Bray goes missing once again, but Randy stays in the building. Shouting “WHERE ARE YOU AT BRAY?”, he is ready for another fight. He now walks into a kitchen. Bray comes again, but Orton dodges this time. Bray starts hitting him with a pot, but Randy fights back. Orton is landing so many punches that it is attempted murder at this point. Bray gains back momentum and dumps a refrigerator on Randy. Wyatt is now leaving the house, screaming.

Wyatt gets on his knees outside the house and does his “Follow The Buzzards” chant. After this, Bray walks away from the house and gets in Randy’s limo. He says “Driver, take me to the arena”. After that we head back to the commentators. Michael Cole mentions that the match is still going on, and we will be kept updated about the match later tonight. Until then, we will see another match.

9:47PM: Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe

It is time for this match as Bray is currently driving to the SAP Centre. During this match Samoe Joe really targets the legs of Rollins, in reference to the leg injury that Rollins got from Joe months ago. Joe has control of the match for a few minutes. Joe tries to end the match with a Kneebar, but Seth reaches the rope.

Later on Rollins starts his comeback with a Swingblade. He hits a Blockbuster off the top rope for a pin but gets a kickout at 2. Falcon Arrow is hit by Rollins, but another kickout comes. After the move, Rollins hits a Frogsplash from the top rope. During this whole match, the hurt legs of Seth were very much emphasized. Seth Rollins reversed a sleeper into a pin for the win out of nowhere.

10:06PM: Seth Rollins def. Samoa Joe

10:09PM: House of Horrors Continued

We see Bray Wyatt exiting his car and entering the arena. Bray Wyatt now makes his entrance to the ring. When the lights come back up at the end of Bray’s entrance, we see that Orton is behind him in the ring with a steel chair. This match is No Holds Barred, so this is all allowed. As Randy is still chipping away at Bray, the Singh Brothers come out of nowhere and attack him. He takes them out and focuses back on Bray. This time, Jinder attacks Orton with the WWE Championship. After Jinder does his work, Bray hits a Sister Abgail to win the match.

10:19PM: Bray Wyatt def. Randy Orton

10:25PM: Braun Stroman vs Roman Reigns

It is officially time for the main event of the evening, Braun Stroman versus Roman Reigns. This match is the first TV appearance for Reigns since he was brutally attacked 3 weeks ago on RAW. In this match Reigns is just demolished for the first few minutes. Reigns starts making a comeback but Braun stays strong. When Reigns hits a spear, Braun kicks out at two. He hits Stroman with two Superman Punches. Braun hits the Running Powerslam after. Roman kicks out at 2. Stroman wins the match clean with another Running Powerslam.

After the match, Stroman continued his attack. He used the stairs numerous times on Reigns. He was being attended to while Stroman left. He was bleeding quite a bit. The crowd chants “Thank you Stroman”.

10:47PM: Braun Stroman def. Roman Reigns

When RAW Talk starts we see Roman backstage. He spits blood on the wall. Let’s hope that the SAP Centre doesn’t see that clip haha. As Roman is trying to get in the Ambulance, Stroman comes back again. Roman dodges him, and takes down an Ambulance door.

That wraps up the show, hope you enjoyed.









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