Goldberg Praises Braun Strowman “Braun Has A Lot Of Potential”

During the latest edition of Eric Bischoff’s “Bischoff on Wrestling Podcast” Goldberg was featured as his special guest. The former Universal Champion, Goldberg would comment on who he though would be WWE’s next big star.

Here’s what Goldberg had to say:

”I can’t do that! I really can’t give you that answer because not only can’t I predict the future, I’m not good in Vegas, whatever the landscape is now it can drastically change in the next six to twelve months. As far if I had to go just based on a package and what could be done with it? I’d say Braun has a lot of potential. Lot of potential. If in every scenario everything was done properly and who is to say what is proper? If it’s properly massaged and cultivated with what he has to present against others. His package is pretty good. He’s got a high ceiling. He’s like the big guys from the past.”

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