Bryan Alvarez Rips On Sheamus For Being Unsafe – Says “I’d Fire Him”

Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Radio, went on a rant ripping on how Sheamus is an unsafe worker. This comes during the Post-Payback PPV recap on Monday Morning. Here’s what Alvarez had to say:

(Transcript sourced from

“I understand that accidents happen in wrestling. They happen every day in wrestling. Every day in wrestling, a high spot is occurring [and] something goes wrong. It’s not really anybody’s fault [because] it’s an accident.”

“Sheamus had a non-moving target. All he had to do was kick him in the chest or the shoulder or whatever. This fucking guy pulls his leg back and kicks Jeff Hardy right in the fucking mouth and knocks his tooth out.” He added, “Jeff wasn’t moving a fucking muscle. This guy kicked him in the mouth and knocked his tooth out. If this would have been the first time or a rare incident then fine.” He added, “Sheamus was the guy that ended the career of Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan was laying there, giving the guy his head and Sheamus booted him as hard as he fucking could [and] gave him a concussion and that was the end of Daniel Bryan’s career.”

Bryan continues:

“You f***ing suck at your job. I would never wrestle you in a thousand years for no amount of money. I have no respect for him as a worker. I would not hire him and quite frankly, if it were my company then I’d fire him.”

Alvarez would continue saying how Matt Hardy was also busted up in the same match and how Sheamus has a history of hurting talents. He references the Finn Balor and Jinder Mahal incident, but says that Balor was at least moving and that Jinder doesn’t have a history of hurting others.

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