VIDEO: Sean “X-Pac” Waltman Says The Pills Found By Customs Did Not Contain Meth

TMZ has released a video where Sean “X-Pac” Waltman addresses his arrest at a Los Angeles Airport and charged with a felony charge after customs reportedly found Marijuana and Meth in his position.

Waltman clarifies in the video below that the pills found was not Meth, but a clense capsule to assist with a yeast infection.

Here’s a trascript of what he had to say:

“What they say was methamphetamine, was actually… I’ve had a yeast infection, believe it or not, for the better part of a year. I had some candida cleanse capsules, that I got from Vitamin World, and apparently the meth fairy came and turned them into crystal meth. That’s the story.”

“With my past, I can totally understand anybody rolling their eyes at my story. Once the lab work comes back, this should be all cleared up. But in the meantime, oh what a mess.”

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