Corey Graves Makes Reference To Tom Phillips Social Media Scandal During 205 Live

During this week’s 205 Live broadcast, Corey Graves took some shots at broadcast partner Tom Phillips during the Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann match. Phillips would refer to Dar as a “Euro-Trash pervert” referencing his relationship with Alicia Fox. Graves would then make reference to Philips scandal which he had in February over social media.

Here’s what he had to say:

“It is not like Dar was sending DMs on Instagram to people that he shouldn’t have been. There is nothing embarrassing about what he has done.”

Phillips then brought up how Cedric Alexander was a terrible boyfriend to Fox, Graves responded by saying:

“It is a lot longer flight than four hours for Dar.”

As some of you may remember a woman shared a screenshot back in February of a conversation she was having with Tom Phillips. In the message Phillips wrote:

“I’m in my seat with a massive erection and a 4 hour flight ahead. I’m going to face f**k the s**t out of you.”

A writer for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter posted the following with the audio:


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