More Details On The Upcoming WWE Women’s Tournament

WWE held an earning conference call earlier today to discuss several factors of the company and how they’ve grown financially. During the call more details emerged about the upcoming Women’s Tournament.

As reported, WWE announced that they will be holding a Women’s tournament, very similar to how the Cruiserweight tournament was. The plan is to hold the 32-competitor women’s tournament in the third quarter of this year. WWE’s plan is to begin filming episode for the tournament in July and will air on the WWE Network and will likely be taped in Winter Park, Florida at Full Sail university.

Talents who are expected to be going through the tournament as proceeding with standard background checks and medical testing. WWE is planning to hold the finals of the tournament on Tuesday, August 29th.

Just as a note, since WWE’s announcement of the Women’s Tournament last August, WWE has hired a ton of new female competitors such as Kimber Lee, Evie, Nixon Newell, Demi Bennett, Heidi Lovelace, Mary Dobson, Andrea and many more. Many of these women are expected to compete, but no final bracket has been released.

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