Scott Steiner Has A Few Words For WWE, “F*ck The WWE”

Source: Nick’s Strength and Power

Former WWE & WCW talent Scott Steiner was interviewed by Nick’s Strength and Power and had a few things to say about the WWE:

His Thoughts On WWE:

“F*ck the WWE.”

Why he fells that way:

Who’s in charge and who runs it. There ain’t two bigger douchebags than Triple H & Stephanie McMahon.

Did he watch Wrestlemania 33:

“Hell no. Let me ask you something? Why did Triple H make that statue of Ric Flair? So where is it now? Where do you think it’s at? There’s no Hall Of Fame. You got the address to the Hall Of Fame? Where’s it at? Where’s your guess? Exactly! (Triple H’s house). And they better not make one of Macho Man. She (Stephanie) made one? Oh, that’s definitely in Triple H’s house then (laughs).”

See the full interview below:

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