Kurt Angle Praises WWE Wellness Policy & Talks About The Ultimatum That Changed His Life

WWE Raw General Manager & Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle was recently interviewed by Addiction Professional and spoke on several subjects.

As many of you know, Kurt Angle has suffered from substance abuse during his time in WWE and praises the current Wellness policy in place right now.

Here are some highlights:

Thoughts on the current WWE Wellness Policy:

“WWE has a great wellness policy now. You have to pass physicals through WWE doctors, not your own. But back then, I was convincing my doctor to get me back as soon as possible. As long as you were cleared by a doctor in 2003, WWE was OK with it. Now, they have their own doctors you have to go through. I rushed back in there long before I should have. That was my own fault, talking my doctor into clearing me.”

The Ultimatum That Changed His Life:

“My wife, Giovanna, gave me an ultimatum,” Angle says. “She said, ‘I don’t want your money, but if you can’t live clean, I don’t want you around me or the kids. You either go to rehab, or I’m going to leave you. You keep that money and doing what you’re doing, but we’re gone. It’s your choice.’ When I heard that, I knew I didn’t want to lose my wife and my kids.”

Read the entire interview here. 

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