Road Warrior Animal Comments On The “Rocco” Doll Angle – “I Hated That Freaking Puppet”

During a recent interview with Hannibal TV, Road Warrior Animal talks about the “Rocco” LOD mascot puppet which had a short life span in WWE.

Here’s what he had to say:

What was the idea behind Rocco:

To burn him, I hated that freaking puppet. We did Summerslam in London, here we are two bad-asses riding motorcycles with a freaking puppet. That doll never made it back from London.

Which agent came up with that idea:

I think Vince came up with that idea. Our gimmick was so strong, that no matter who we fought, the thought was we were gonna kill them. Didn’t matter if it was the Natural Disasters, British Bulldogs, or even the Hart Foundation who were the baby-faces, we fought them and got a standing ovation. It didn’t matter, the Rocco idea was A; a marketing tool for selling, and B; to soften us [LOD] up. If we were true road warriors we would have taken the arms and legs off the doll and hung him. I hated that stupid idea.

Make sure to check out the interview below:

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