Jay Lethal Talks Standing Out On The Card & Why You Shouldn’t Save Spots For The Main Event

Former ROH Champion, Jay Lethal spoke with Newsday.com to promote the upcoming ‘War of the Worlds’ event at the Hammerstein Ballroom where he will face Christopher Daniels and Cody (Rhodes) for the ROH Championship.

Here are some highlights:

Standing Out:

“It forces me to do something different. With other matches being so great, it’s becoming harder to stand out to make your match better or special or memorable.”

Not Saving Everything For The Main Event:

“I think the old rule of holding back and saving something for the main event is old. It doesn’t hold up today in my opinion,” said Lethal, a former ROH heavyweight champion. “Think of it this way . . . Let’s take Shawn Michaels. With that philosophy of holding back in the main event, if Shawn Michaels were in the first match. . . Wouldn’t you feel robbed if Shawn Michaels held something back to save something for the main event? I think the fans get cheated that way.”

Check out the full article here. 

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