Original Plans For NXT’s Stable SAnitY

Former NXT talent Marcus Louis, was recently interviewed by Pancakes & Power slam podcast and spoke about the original plans for NXT’s SAnitY stable.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Initially, SAniTy was supposed to be Sami Callihan, myself, and Sawyer Fulton,” he said. “[We] were the the three people who were supposed to be SAniTy at first. I was told about this idea in late 2015. It was September 2015, I think, I was told by Triple H himself. He came [and said], ‘I have this great idea for you guys. We’re gonna bring you in as a trio of sort of like punk-looking people, sort of like Mad Max.’ And then it was supposed to be Crowe, myself, and Fulton. But he was like long-term, and it was a long shot already. So Callahan left NXT, and then there was a different talk. They were talking about bringing in somebody new to be the leader of this faction.”

Check out their podcasts here. 

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