Inconsistency Of Rules Was Key During The Extreme Rules PPV

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You gotta love those moments of inconsistency in wrestling, and last night’s edition of Extreme rules was filled with them.

As most of you saw, last night WWE broadcasted Extreme Rules on the WWE Network, and during several of the matches there was a bit of inconsistent backing of rules. Here are a few examples in my opinion of the inconsistent rules that took place from last night’s Extreme Rules PPV.

The Cage match between the Hardy’s vs. Sheamus & Cesaro was actually not bad. They implemented the two guy rule, meaning that both members of the team were intended to leave the cage to instigate a victory for that team. Jeff Hardy was the first one to reach the outside giving the Hardy’s brothers one step ahead in victory. But later on in the match, Jeff was forced to return to the ring by climbing the cage and hitting a whisper in the wind from the top onto Cesaro & Sheamus… But the odd part about this was that because Jeff climbed back in, he reverted the decision and that he now had to re-escape the cage to count him and Matt as the winners. It’s just one of those odd stipulations that yes in a way make sense, but in another doesn’t. Again it’s no DQ, so anything can go. It’s more of a logical confusion than anything, especially for fans watching it live. All of a sudden Jeff escapes, then has to escape again? I feel that WWE should have at least listed out the rules for the match just for that very reason.

Neville taps out to The Last Chancery, but escapes defeat because Aries must win in the ring.

The submission match between Neville and Austin Aries was well fought and put together… if you take away the idea of the ref counting rope breaks and count-outs. Now, don’t get me wrong, Disqualifications and/or count-outs are possible outcomes for the match, but then don’t identify it as “THE ONLY WAY TO WIN IS BY SUBMISSION” because in a way that throws out the count-out and DQ wins. But again this is one of those times where being inconsistent with the rules apply, and not listing out the proper victory possibilities only sets to confuse the audience.

The Kendo-Stick on a pole match was another match where I feel could have seen a change. I know the main draw was to get the Kendo stick down and bash your opponent… but let’s face it. They could have used any and all weapons instead of a Kendo Stick. As a matter of fact, I feel when one women was reaching for the Kendo stick, what was stopping the other from getting a chair? Now I know WWE Officials probably limited the women to the ONE weapon only, but I feel if you wanted to show tactics you could have had the other women grab another weapon to distinguish the ability to think outside the box. It’s a no DQ, and never in the rules does it state “cannot use other weapons.” It was just one of those things where you see the potential, but don’t get much from it.

Finn Bálor, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins battle in a Fatal 5-Way Match to determine the No. 1 contender to the Universal Championship.

Now last but not least, was the fatal-5-way Extreme Rules match, which to say the least wasn’t as much Extreme Rules as I anticipated it may be. Literally, there was the top half of the steel steps used, one chair, potentially two, and one broken table… That was it, ohh and a broken barricade. For a 5 man match I really was expecting more weapons to be utilized. Not saying it wasn’t a good match. All men delivered in their own way and made it entertaining, but again it’s one of those things that you anticipate something considering it being a “first time” ever match, but get short changed based on creative decision. Again, i’m not downgrading when they did, but I feel they could have added more to the match. I know there is a limit, and having all matches utilizing weapons takes away from the OMG moments. But I feel there were many opportunities during the PPV to generate more OMG moments without downgrading matches as the card progressed.

Overall, Extreme Rules brought us a ton of gimmick matches. We saw titles change hands, and had a few weapon moments here and there. But for a PPV where Extreme is the main game, I feel it lacked on that and thought that it could have added more to not only the main event, but all the matches. It’s one thing to limit weapons in certain matches to make the main event moments involving weapon seem that much more grande, but it seems WWE didn’t even have that many moments with weapons for the main event. So what was the deal with limiting other matches?

This is merely just my opinion. Many could have watched that Pay-Per-View and thought it was the best thing ever, and if you did; GREAT! I have nothing against a fan enjoying the content, I just felt there were moments during the PPV that could have been tweaked to make certain moments feel bigger and more memorable. Cause for me the PPV, seemed very generic and didn’t work to making big moments feel big.

What were your thoughts? Did you enjoy the PPV? Were there moments where you thought they could have changed things up?

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