JLW Podcast #58 – Money in the Bank 2017 Predictions

Welcome to Episode 58 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. Josh talks about the following topics.
– Talk about my experience doing announcing seminars, my love for in-ring action and not taking every little soliloquy on wrestling podcasts as the gospel.
– NJPW Dominion Thoughts. I go over my track record of spending more time covering other professional wrestling companies than the WWE.
– The return of Lucha Underground and my excitement for the Cueto Cup.
– RAW Lafayette Review. Joe/Brock Brawl, Tag Team Title Main Eventing the show and Roman Reigns SummerSlam Announcement
– Audio clips of Becky Lynch, Carmella and Stephanie McMahon talking about the historic first Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
– Money in the Bank 2017 Predictions.
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Hope you guys enjoy the podcast. #StudentOfTheGame

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