JLW Podcast #81 – Survivor Series REVIEW, Stop Overrating TakeOvers

Welcome to Episode 81 of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast. Sorry for the late posting, really needed a cool down period after the Survivor Series Weekend

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend

Josh talks about the following topics.

– 10 Things Josh is grateful for. Wrestling/Life Related


– Josh’s thoughts on NXT TakeOver War Games. Can we stop overrating every single TakeOver Special? Praise for McIntyre/Almas, 4-Way and Dream/Black

– Full Survivor Series Recap. The story of the main event was staring at our face. Josh explains why Braun Strowman has more star power than Nakamura, Balor, Joe and Roode (all who are older than him, yet nimrods think they are suddenly “young talent”)

– Paige returning, Roman becoming IC Champion, NXT Women making their main roster debuts, Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton.

Hope you guys and girls enjoy this weeks podcast.

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