About the Mind of Carnage

Welcome to MindofCarnage!!

A database of info, news, and podcasts and whats new in the wrestling industry and the opinions from fans.

I’ve finally decided to get my words out there and follow a subject that I’ve been a fan of my whole life. Wrestling, good old wrestling. I focus on story development and character building, that’s the backbone to a good interactive show that keeps the audience on their feet and wanting more, when done properly. I may have bias opinions on some things, but hey; that’s what being human is, you have your own opinions. I’m open minded so I don’t judge or put you down if you think differently.

MindofCarnage.com is a place where I can talk about the shows, and showcase a few podcasts which have a great sense of mind for the business and are logical thinkers.

Lets talk, comment, and fight about whats on the MindofCarnage…

Cause Carnage, Watch Wrestling!

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